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Moving and Handling

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi, does anyone know where you can get advice/training on moving the person you care for? I am really struggling with lifting and moving my partner, I have asked Social Services but they don't know. Any ideas would be gratfully received.

Ring up GP and ask to speak to District Nurses. They should be able to either help you by demonstrating OR put you in touch with your local occupational therapist who should be able to do the same. Either would come out to your home to show you (if neither do already).
Other than that, try your hospital OT instead.

A local carers group may run courses on Moving and Handling, BUT BUT BUT, they won't necessarily help your personal needs (they were no good for my hubby who had spinal injury for example). They run generalised courses, but it depends on what sort of help you need and what sort of disablement you are dealing with.

Hope that helps.
If your partner has a permanent disability, then you should be provided with everything you need to care for him safely - that's safe for you as well as him. If you need a hoist, it should be available free. Has he had a recent "Needs Assessment" from Adult Social Services? Have you had a Carer's Assessment recently? Social Services have a duty to do these.
As Nana said, try the dn's and/or the ot's.
Also when you have equipment you should have been told/shown how to handle and move your caree with said equipment. That's any equipment, from a handling belt upwards, to make sure that both of you are safe.
HI Linda,
Our local St.Johns ambulance do free courses on manual handling, but it was Hubs Physio who showed us the best way to help him, but as Nana says, it does depend on your personal circumstances
Many thanks to all who replied. Have OT coming out to see us next week,so hopefully some useful tips will come from there. Will also contact St John's Ambulance to see what they may be able to offer. Starting physio for my bad back next week so that may help to. Thank you again for your helpful advice. Image
Hope OT and St John's Ambulance come up with some workable solutions.

Be prepared with physio to feel worse before you feel better. Make sure you have an easy day planned (I know that's easier said than done,) on physio days and the day after too.

Hope the OT can help you, they are worse than useless in my area, so I hope you have more luck with yours!!