Call reminders for medication?

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Hi all

Are there services that call up and remind someone its time to take their Meds? My mum is OK to left on her own but she does need reminding to take her medication. Until I have the carers in place, then it's down to me really but I am hopefully going back to work next week so would like to put something in place if possible.

I can't think of any service like that at all Tracey !

But would it help if Mum had some kind of alarm clock ? I think that there are some that can be set to go off at more than one time. Something like this perhaps ? ... 0wodqGsNSA
Thanks Suzie, yeah something like that would work! But maybe a bit cheaper. I'll have a look around online.
Hi Tracey,

Not sure if this is too late already, but you can have a try at, it is a medication call reminder.

Hope this helps.