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Help Funding Day Care? - Carers UK Forum

Help Funding Day Care?

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Hi. I'm a full time carer for my grandmother who has dementia. My caring responsibilities were 24/7 so we decided to sign her up for day care. The council run day care costs £11.50 per day. She's had a financial assessment through the social worker that said she only had to pay £6 per week toward her care. If she was in a council run day care, no matter how many days a week se went she would and only have to pay £6 per week. Unfortunately I've tried her with the council day care and she hated it. It was getting to the point she was refusing to go and throwing a tantrum.

I found another day care in our area run by Alzheimers Scotland. She loves it. It's a much smaller group (max 8 per day) so there's more one-on-one support. She started going one day a week (£11 per day) but my therapist said I needed more time to myself to work on my mental health issues (anxiety) so she has started going 2 days per week now. Because it's not council run, the financial cap doesn't apply so we have to pay the full amount of £22 per week. This is going to be a bit of a struggle in the long run as she has other activities during the week (where I'm with her) that cost money too. I'm not sure we can afford to pay £88 per month longterm.

My question is: is there any help available to help fund day care?

I'm in the middle of getting a carers assessment. I mentioned having to fund day care on our own to the social worker. She was surprised about it but didn't give any advice. She did say that I need time to myself but I'm not sure what help that will get me.

Any advice is welcome!
You can almost hear the council jobsworth coming up with the scheme, can't you?! 'I know, let's offer subsidised day care, but make it so rubbish no one wants to take it up - hurrah! Then they'll go private and have to pay for it themselves. Double hurrah!'

Sometimes I do think that is what goes on, you know.....

I haven't any useful info for you, but I picked up on you saying 'we' can't afford £88 a month. Remember, it is your GRANDMOTHER who has to pay - NOT her family!

Did anyone in the family manage to sort out PoA for her before the dementia got too bad? If so, then of course use HER money for ALL aspects of her care.

If you didn't manage to get PoA sorted before she lost legal mental capacity (that is alas what happened to me re my MIL - never got PoA done 'in time'), then please ensure you are keeping close account of ALL spending that you do on HER behalf, even if you can't access her money/bank account/pension etc.

Because if, say, the time comes when she needs more care, and becomes potentially eligible for council-funded care (especially residential care) it will be ESSENTIAL to prove that she OWES you the total you have expended on her behalf, which can be then deducted from her own funds (repayed to you when probate is applied on her estate when the time comes).

These days, the councils insist someone has only £14,500 in total before they will fork out for residential care!

I'm in that position myself - I haven't got PoA for my MIL, but she is spending her own money on her own residential care at such a rate that it will not, grimly, be that long now before she is down to that £14,500 level of total money left, and the council will have to take over funding. (they start to co-fund at £23,500).

By the way, you are not allowed, out of that miserable £14,500 family are allowed to inherit, even to set aside extra money for the funeral costs. That has to come out of the £14,500.
Wondering if gran is on higher rate of attendance allowance? Difference between higher and lower would cover her day centre costs.

My mum badgered SW on this subject till they cracked :roll: and got income maximisation team to do application for her which has much higher likelihood of success that you doing it.

I am not convinced that your council can say 'nowt do with us' about choice day centre. I'd query that with my local councillor. I say this as with respite care, with private nursing homes, basic funding still applies although a top-up fee applies. Think this should be happening with third-sector day centre?
That would be so much more reasonable, wouldn't it - for the council to fund 'up to a point' and if the cost came out at that, then fine, it is effectively 'free', and if not, then you ONLY pay the difference (ie, the top up!)

Might be worth campaigning on - why not ask some of the other folk attending the day centre your mum likes if they, too, are in the same situation (ie, they too would like only to pay the top up, not the whole amount of cost)

After all, it's no skin off the council's back WHERE you use the money they hand over! It's not costing THEM any more if you top up for a 'better day centre'!

(Unless, of course, they have 'bulk bought' places at the not-so-good day centre at a price BELOW the 'public cost'? Councils regularly do this with residential care. For example, say a place in a care home costs £700 a week - ie, the cost to the care home of providing that place. So then the local council 'bulk buys' a whole bunch of room, but only pays says £500 a week for them. That leaves the home with fewer empty beds (good for them) but £200 per bed down on their actual cost (bad for them). So then, of course, what the care homes do is charge the SELF-FUNDING residents £900 a week to compensate for being under-paid by the council! ie, the self-funders are subsidising the council-paid residents!!!!!!)
Can always try an Internet search for grass roots type local respite type facilities.

Set up one myself some 20 odd years ago with 5 other local carers ... put in touch with each other by an ex PRT man ... whose grass roots ideas did not compute with that outfit ... and certainly introduced me to the real world of caring.

Park those carees able enough under one of our roofs for a few hours , allowing 2 / 3 of our number to " Enjoy " a few hours off ... at no cost beyond tea and biscuits.

Swopped round so that everyone had a turn ... even swopped some ironing for gardening to boot !

Everyone benefited ... our carees enjoyed the company ... feelings of isolation diminished.

Worked well ... for a time.

Not an academic or suit in sight ... halycon days !


https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... gons%20den

The power to do anything to ease the plight of other carers has always rested with family carers.

Why always rely on others , especially organisations and institutions ?