carers can't do this can't do that

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Been unpaid caring for a while and hearing many tales from disabled people, that the paid carers are not allowed to do this job or that job.
A disabled lady I know asked her carer to move some pot plants into her conservatory protect from the frost, straight away oh we are not allowed to do that.
Another just wanted some tins moved from a high cupboard to a low cupboard but the carer is not allowed to use a ladder.
These paid carers are there to do the jobs the disabled simply can't do or maybe risk harming themselves if they tried.
But the carers are not allowed, I can understand in a way but not very helpful.
Mum's carers wouldn't pick fresh raspberries for her.
When I had the particularly bad caring company for the brief period dad was CHC funded, one of the carers was a 6' 5" strapping young man. I asked him to clean the top of the fridge (a pretty average normal height of fridge freezer) and he said he wasn't allowed to stretch that high!!!!!

The same company provided a different young man who would wash dad's dinner plate but leave mine in the sink- how is that supposed to be helping?
Presumably it's all part of the pernicious culture of Elven Safety?!

ie, that if they do ANYTHING that's not on the authorised list, and they, god forbid, injure their foot by dropping a pot plant on it, or tearing a ligament stretching up to the fridge or, even, worse of all, stain their fingers with a crushed raspberry, the agency's insurance policy won't pay out.....
Love to see the list of restrictions! It does sound a bit like that wonderful interview in Mrs Doubtfire! Does anyone remember it? And also the wonderful phrase "the computer says no"

We are now definitely entrenched in the world of Jobsworth.