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Carers Break Fund

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Hello All

I was wondering has anyone ever received a Carers Break Fund? I had applied last year and was told that they would put my name on the list and when funds came available they would be in contact, well, I never heard from them again!

Anyway I was at a Carers Colour Analysis morning on Tuesday and the other Carers there were talking about this Carers Break Fund and said that they have been getting it every year for different things, so the lady that was holding the event is going to send me details to apply. Just thought I let you all know to find out if its available in your area.

Take care
M x
Hi Maryann,

I dont know if the following comes under the same name as what you have mentioned but in our borough we have 2 alternatives.
One is a holiday voucher scheme..it used to be £100 and had to be applied for.It was a set pot of money and when it was gone that was it.
The second one was through social services and I am not sure if it was short break or actual respite but that was £330 per week but was also dependent on a financial assessment.The lady who told me about it has had it the last 2 years.Her contribution to this was £126 so in fact she received from SS the amount of £204.All receipts had to be handed in to SS and had to amount to at least the full £330.
Both above were applied for by the caree.

Hope you and mam are well.
x x x
Hello Rosemary

Thanks for your reply which was much helpful as usual!

Mum and I have had a pretty good weekend and sleeping all the way through past 4 nights, so inturn we have had better days - hopefully will continue this week - touch wood!

Hope that you and family have had a great weekend.

Take care
Maryann x
Maybe since its Holiday time, a feature could be written with what is available and an exact explanation of entitlement and how to go about it. There seems to a lot of confusion, even amongst those that should know. This woulfd be useful as there does seems to be a definitive guide relevant links and contacts would be useful. We all hear that as Carers we are entitled to resoite in our right, but what with?

Surely there must be something realistic?, or is £50.55 for a week like CA that wouldn't even get you a decent cider carry out and a good park bench for more than 2 nights! Image
The Carers Break Fund was stopped in Lambeth last year, and hasn't been reinstated. Image
Ive been reading some of your threads and woundered if anyone knows how i go about applying for a carers break or a family holiday. I care for my husband part-time and we have 2 young children. My husband had his right leg amputated 4 weeks ago and with all his other disabilities and health needs i am in need of a holiday and so are the children.

Would be most gratfull if anyone could help, we live in derby we come under derby city council.

many thanks

nickie Image
When my children were small, we got a holiday grant from the Family Fund and they're still operating.
I'd give them a shot!

marie x

Thanks marie i will give them a try.

Nickie Image
got £200 for art n craft materials whilst being a carer form carers grant fund. U can apply 4 it each yr.
Remember it's dependant where you live! Image

In Scotland there's no Carers Grant Fund. Image

PRTC have a Carers Relief fund which pays upto £200 for equipment though!
might help some, if you need a washing machine etc. !

marie x