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Carers assessment - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Carers assessment

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I’ve spoken to appointments twice in last week they have him down as urgent but they are doing refurb on machine and using another one in a cabin and this is restricting things . They know he is an inpatient and are trying to sort a scan.
They do send some people to another hospital to speed things up but won’t do this due to Covid risk apparently.

The ward have told my husband they will be chasing this scan up too.

All very frustrating as if he needs another operation need to do this ASAP or if he doesn’t start rehab on hand.

Thanks for your replies
I was able to speak to a senior person who happened to pick up phone last week and he said he would fit him in. Happening tomorrow and transport from rehab hospital to hospital arranged. Great relief. Shocking though that if I hadn’t persisted he’d still be waiting.
Well done. Most carers find that dealing with "officialdom" is the worst part of being a carer.
Nothing is ever straight forward. Just thought I’d call ct department to see if scan had taken place. Was told it had been cancelled by rehab unit. So I called them and was told this was not the case. I was so angry caught in the middle and he’d left to go to dialysis but transport had not been told about the scan before. Was eventually told been rescheduled for Friday.

Then got call from ct scan. Lovely woman took the trouble to tell me my husband had turned up somehow and was being scanned. I actually burst into tears and thanked her for caring.
It’s just that he was left for nearly a year with previous injury and then he had to have emergency op to try and save his hand and it was really too late due to delay .
So here we are again 3 weeks after told he needed emergency scan but it’s happened , and hopefully they will make decision as to what if anything can be done now.

Thanks for reading . Sure all us carers have to deal with sorting appointments seems like I do this all the time.