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Carers and Debt

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
If you maybe recall before the forum crash/hack, I asked for some advice as to what to do about a debt I have with the bank. It's not massive money but it's very hard to manage substantial payments purely out of benefits. I've been in touch with the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (free by the way), and they've suggested a debt relief order. The only draw back is this will cost me £90 to administer plus black list me.
I cannot believe that certain banks can be so ruthless and nasty in the way they treat you when your life circumstances change.
Does anyone know what level of protection you have under British or European Law, or any agencies that can help you fend off these banking bullies? These organisations would literally pull the meat off your body like vultures if you let them. Is it right that I should go on a black list for a certain length of time, simply because I'm caring for someone sick? It really sucks.
Has anyone got any tips of been in a similar experience? I'm finding help scarce.


Hi Steve: this is a brilliant website:
Thanks Excalibur, yes it's a good site but I'm looking for something more specific to the plight of carer's and which agencies can assist? Essentially, I do not want to deal with the bank on a one-to-one basis any more, but through a third party. I'm struggling to find which "organisations" do this. I'm sure someone said on this forum that your local council could help, but the information is so hard to find when you search your Council's website.
A council welfare rights officer whilst sorting out benefit issues for a friend also drafted a letter for her to the bank about unfair bank charges. Failing that, perhaps CAB could help. I had another friend for whom I helped set up a new bank account, then closed the one in dispute with the promise if they stopped adding interest on the interest on the bank charges they would pay £1 per month. This was accepted, no blacklisting and after six months the bank wrote the debt off as they were paying more to collect it than the payment was.

Good luck

Take care
Cheers Meg-will give that a whirl.