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I willl be 60 next year, so eligible for the state pension. I receive carers allowance and work twelve and a half hours a week (well under the allowed wage limit). At the moment I intend to carry on working these hours after I turn 60. I have been told that I will no longer receive carers allwance when I get the state pension - please could anyone explain, I've tried loking it up on various websites but the information is both conflicting and confusing. If I defer my state pension while I'm still working can I continue to get carers allowance?
Hi rabbit Pie

You are about to fall foul of one of the most hated of all benefit rules - the overlapping benefit rule. The government say you cannot receive Carers allowance and also get a State Pension, Incapcity benefit, Maternity allowance and a few other benefits because, they say, they are paid for the same purpose - namely as some sort of compensation for the fact you are no longer working full time.

The rule is outdated and contradictory when applied to caring, and we have campaigned for carers to be exempt from this rule, but without sucess. Succesive government's of all political persuasions seem to accept it as a cornerstone principal of our welfare system.

As for defering your pension, please take some advice on this. I'm no expert but i understand in some cases it could leave you worse off. Also you can still claim an underlying entitlement to Carer's Allowance which means you may be eligible for extra pension credits because you are a carer. It's complex - Please call our CarersLine on 0808 808 7777 , they can do a proper benefits check for you and advise you on your best option.

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matt Hill
Carers UK
Hi Rabbit Pie,

I cant add anything to what Matt has told you but still wanted to welcome you to the forum.

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