Carer Card

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Not a cat in hell's chance of us getting anything Chris!
We can only add that to our wish list ?

Now volume 5 ...

Beats our Rights ... a single , blank , sheet of paper the size of a postage stamp ?

Interesting that all concerned HAVE known about it since June 2007 at least ... and much of that dates back a few years even then !!!
I have the CEA card and it saves its cost after just one trip to the cinema.
We go in the week when the kids are at school and get a mackies afterwards.
We went to our local Cineworld last week and it cost £9-50 for one ticket. That was a 2D movie with a small screen.
A bit steep?
But its still relatively low cost and its safe and we can escape for a couple of hours.
The CEA card costs a tenner for one year.