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Carer and client smoking - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Carer and client smoking

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Is there a smoke detector in the shared hall area between your flats, if not get one installed and hopefully it will do the trick :D
Just to say there was an article in the Daily Mail online about how a guy in Glasgow had to use duct tape on his windows and doors to stop the smell of a dead body in the next door flat getting into his! Gruesome, but hopefully smoke isn't quite as grim....

Would ducttape be an option though?

Good idea about the smoke alarm!
ZELDA_1806 wrote:
Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:34 pm
Please please, stop being so petty about smoking.
Don’t blame the carer she is doing a very stressful job as it is.
The neighbor is already smoking, silly how you know that 2 people smoke.
Careers have not got enough time with the client to fill your flat up with smoke.
Would it not be better if you rather keep yourself occupied and let others live their life’s.
I have no beef with smokers and understand what you are trying to say about there being no definitive proof of both the carer and client smoking together (other than what OP has observed) but the right to make your own life choices does not extend upon forcing those life choices upon others or endangering them.. I am sorry but I honestly can not tell whether you are trying to actually troll this forum or whether you are genuinely this unprofessional with your attitude.

You are going into (often vulnerable) clients homes, and that includes both current/former/non smoking households.. if your working with somebody with severe respiratory sensitivity just showing up with smoke on your clothes is going to compromise them.. not to mention the telling off the client gets because they've got oxygen in the house and the paramedics can smell it (which they can flag up in their report to social services/safeguarding)

You are a live in carer, of all people you would know this.

I have various signage on the front door and cctv operating above the passageway outside it, you turn up stinking of smoke or get seen dobbing them out within the property knowing the health needs of the people you are about to work with you are done because if you don't have concern for the health well being of other people I'm not going to have concern for the financial well being of yourself. I'll take that advice of living my life in ensuring nobody goes near an agency employing folks like that with a 10 foot clown pole.

As for stress of the job.. you are in good company!

Have a good evening :)
I suspect trolling too. Just too aggressive to be 'real'??

That said, maybe there are forums elsewhere where aggression is commonplace alas. I've known some really horrible places in my time - incredibly vicious to 'victims'.

Thank goodness for the mods here! (and I speak as someone who had to 'learn' how to 'speak' on this forum, and tone down my own opinions!)(don't laugh - I HAVE toned them down, honest!!!!!! :) )
Hello, Rebecca. I would presume that residents are permitted to smoke in their own flats if they wish, but, as Susieq pointed out, not smoke in communal areas. Therefore, if smoke is drifting into a communal area and from there into your flat, then there is a breach of regulations, albeit unintentional.

I think the landlord of council should at least be made aware of this. They may be able to take some sort of action, as indeed they should since this arguably a breach of the law.

Draught excluders, as suggested, seem to be a good idea; it is good that you are prepared to takes steps yourself to reduce this problem.

I'd be inclined not to get involved over whether or not the carer should smoke. The carer visits for only a small portion of the day. The problem is the resident smoking at any time of day. If the carer were to stop smoking when visiting, it would make very little difference.
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