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Linda1 wrote:. . .
I am wondering should we get a landline in her room, or a mobile for Mum with an international sim?
Does anyone have any advice what's the best thing to do? Cost etc.
Cheers. :)
It should be possible to get a landline phone installed. Even if staff were willing to take Mum to the phone, or vice versa, it would be better not to rely on them. They are busy people.

A mobile is another possibility, especially if there is a problem in getting a landline phone installed. It would not need to have international roaming. Mum would not be taking it abroad and any phone can receive calls coming in from abroad.
Linda1 wrote:Hmm, well we asked the care home office and they said its not possible to use them for the calls, or at least they gave the impression.
It just seems a waste of money as you pointed out, Mam isn't really capable to manage a phone line/phone/mobile.
It is all down to how capable your Mam is of using a phone. You seem to have changed your mind on this, Linda, compared with your original post.

I have a mother with dementia in a care home and she has a landline phone, which she answers if she is in her room - useful for a weekly chat - and yes I have been known to phone her when I've been abroad.

You know best about whether your Mum can handle a phone or not. Could you lend her a mobile phone for a trial period?

I have read through the other posts and some people mention Skype. This would require either a mobile smart phone or a computer. It should be possible to install a computer linked to the landline. How successful this would be would depend on your Mam's ability to handle the equipment. If your Mam cannot handle a phone I don't think she would manage a computer.

As for the expense, remember that cost of calls coming in would be born by the callers, not by your Mam.
I wasn't thinking mum would be able to use Skype by herself. I was thinking that when Linda was there, she could use the laptop or tablet. Then mum could actually see her daughter, as well as chat to her, so could Linda. I know my mum really loved it on the very odd occasion when I was at her place with my children, and one of my brothers, with his children. She often said wistfully that her bungalow was always full of life and chat when they first bought it, when my elder brother and I were teenagers, and younger brother about 8. She often said "it's so quiet now". It's a bit the same in my house as my husband has passed away.
So for Linda, I thought Linda's mum might enjoy Linda and her sister having a chat while she was there, able to see both daughters.
I don't understand why the daughter overseas feels the need to ring mum every single day though.