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Care agencies

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Has anyone else had issues/problems with care agencies or is it just me?
My husband had a stroke,needs a fair bit of care at home and instead of the experienced carers we are promised by agencies, we're sent ones who haven't got a clue and end up sitting and watching me doing the work they are paid for. Sometimes I see the funny side :)
Hi Ortensia
Care agencies seem to be very much luck of the draw. At the moment I'm lucky as the carers my Mum has are kind, friendly, punctual and dependable. This has not always been the case as in the past, with another Care company we have experienced, no shows, lateness, incompetence and rudeness.
You should have a Care Plan in place, agreed by yourselves and the company. If the company are sending carers not trained to complete the agreed tasks then they are breaking their part of the contract. It depends who's paying. If you are privately funding care then shop around. Go to the QCC website and look up local companies to see how they rate. Call them up and see whether any would be prepared to take on your husband's care plan. In the meantime, keep records, follow the company's complaints procedure eg complain to the company in writing giving examples, dates, times and names of carers unequal to the agreed tasks, warn them that you will send any carers who cannot perform the tasks allocated to them away and refuse to pay, Tell the company you will be reporting them to QCC and do so if there is no improvement.
If the Care is SS funded then complain to Social Services as well. Tell them that the Care they are paying for is not sufficient or acceptable. Look into Direct Payments which will allow you to chose your own company and then shop around as mentioned.
You certainly shouldn't put up with 'help' which is just a bad joke. If you let it go on and on before complaining you might have to justify why you didn't take action sooner.
Good luck. Elaine
We have never had a decent care agency and the council workers weren't any better.

We too had problems with our first Care Agency - sloppy service and some theft of Jewellery.
However after 'shopping around' we are now with a very good caring agency and have been with them now for over two years.
At the end of last month, the agency put on a 'get together' where we carers and our loved ones came together, together with as many of their Carers who were available at that time.
We had some entertainment and a tea, plus some time where we could chat together.
This organization really does care.