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I noticed on a different forum that someone who was a carer getting CA, and working only a few hours a week, was told they would have to pay an extra £250 a year for their normal car insurance policy. I am getting CA, plus an early retirement private pension (only way I could afford to stop work to care). I have never offered this information or been asked about it. In fact, I was thinking of not even getting the extra to cover travel to work/business as I no longer work. When I get the terms and conditions of the new policy I will look for any reference to CA etc but am not keen to volunteer this information. The company already knows I'm retired. Not sure what to do.

Sorry I have not posted for months, hope everyone if OK.

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I get CA and don't work at all, but I have never been charged extra on my car insurance. I would have thought that this was if a carer was using her car for work purposes. I am down as a carer on my insurance policy so the company know about it, so I don't think that any extra charge is correct.
Some insurers (like many other organisations) have not yet grasped that a Carer is not in employment - they have 'carer' down to mean a person working as an agency carer. An agency carer (to an insurer) is someone who uses their car for their work, who would have to pay more for their car insurance. I doubt very much if they have much of a clue what Carers Allowance actually is!
Thank you Bluebird and cotula, I think that is correct and the person (someone on a different forum who is not me) who was told they should pay extra was misled - possibly by someone who didn't know the difference between a paid and unpaid carer! It would, after all, be a whole monts allowance if it was correct. X Image
Carers Allowance has nothing to do with your car insurance on the whole. Unless you use your car for work whatever that may be, nothing to do with carers allowance.
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Just put down "retired" or whatever. I pay less than £200 car insurance, despite the fact I run up 6000 work miles a year, and the best thing to do is shop around every year to get the best deal on one of those price comparison sites.
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I dont know if it would apply to you, as say you took early retirement so retired would cover it. But when I gave up work as a HGV class 1 driver to take over the care of my lovely lady, I rang my insurer to change my details, when it came to occupation I told them I was a full time carer for my partner and the woman on the other end was clicking her computer mouse furiously, saying she "would just be a min while she updated that.......erm.........hmmm.......oh.......erm..........please hold while I consult someone higher up" after a few mins she came back on to confirm I was on carers allowance. When I confirmed that this was my only income besides Income Support she proudly confirmed "Your a househusband now! This covers you in these circumstances as your not a paid professional carer." It saved me a lot on the premium too!
Victor_1408 wrote: "Your a househusband now! This covers you in these circumstances as your not a paid professional carer." It saved me a lot on the premium too!
I bet you thought I don't care what you call me while it saves me pennies lol

I must admit that I have always had business insurance due to being a foster carer in a former life and the difference was only £3 per month and when I asked recently the difference had not changed so I have kept the business insurance going as occasionally I do transport children from one setting to another