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Car hoists

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There's an update on this now which is that the price isn't £1,900 but £2,235 to include fitting.

Rather expensive I think.
Hi, have a look at this site, http://www.elap.co.uk/ProdSeats.html - last time I asked they could fit to 95% of vehicles and the cost came in at under £1,000 - worth a look just for the video!
even if motability isn't applicable here, i advise still looking at their website, as there is a comprehensive range of these hoists on their site, with link to suppliers , although the costs listed are cost when fitting at time of ordering a motability car and will therefore tend to be lower than if you approach the companies directly. a second point to note is that it may be found that to use such a hoist a larger car such as mpv etc may be required to give access height at doors which will allow access easily on the hoist...good luck
Cyberpal, Don't have any experience with wheelchair hoists (we use sliderboards) but have witnessed one working, with a couple parked at the side of the road in a very busy high street. Both hubby and myself thought it looked rather scary and very slow. If it had been raining or blowing a gale or snowing, the person in the wheelchair and indeed their carer operating the controls, would have been soaked to the skin and freezing cold by the time they'd got into the car (or out of it). It may be a nice dry day when you venture out, but can't guarantee that it won't be raining when you return to your vehicle. Best of luck in finding a suitable one and hope that it works well for you both. If you're on DPs, they could be used, for some of the payment towards it? Or have you thought of that one already?
we had a Milford person hoist fitted to our car a few years ago. Hubby used it probably three times, as he never felt safe, and it scared me to death! We now have a leased Motability car, but are left with the daunting prospect of selling our own car.
you must always remember these people are there for a sale.it might be worthwhile looking at an adapted car you can push your mum into the back.
Cyberpal, have you got your car hoist sorted? Just wondered that's all.