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Car hoists

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I wondered if anyone had any advice about car hoists? My mother is unable to use a turning stand to move her from her wheelchair to the car passenger seat as she is prone to sit down inappropriately.

My sister has arranged a demo of something called a Milton car hoist next week. This is an electric device which sounds good but the cost is a staggering £1,900. My first thought was that you can get an awful lot of wheelchair taxi rides for that amount of money, and secondly whether this is the best make of hoist to get? Thirdly I wondered if you can get these anywhere second hand?

If anyone could advise on their personal experience with these hoists and what benefits and drawbacks there are I'd be very grateful.
You need to be sure that this type of hoist is suitable for your mum. I know nothing about these hoists but as you say it may be cheaper, and easier, to use a wheelchair-adapted taxi.

As far as second-hand ones are concerned, you might try your local Red Cross.
Hi, not too sure of your situation but would the motability scheme be able to help you ?

The person needs to be on high rate DLA motability component though....

Probably a crazy suggestion but worth a try!


Image Hi, we have a motobility vehicle, as has been mentioned previously the only stipulation is the higher rate, we discussed this with the car dealership when we ordered the car. although we do not need it as yet, It would be put in by the car dealership. I am not sure if the cost would be included in the DLA I think not. May i suggest if you are going down that road you talk to the dealer nearest to you you would get the address from Motobility.
If you require any more info please feel free to come back to me.
Good luck
Thanks very much to everyone for their input. My mother is retired so not in receipt of any motability allowances. The hoist would be fitted to an existing car.

The person coming to demonstrate it has told my sister that there are grants available towards the cost of the car hoist, does anyone know where these grants are available and whether they are means tested? I somehow doubt that my mother would be eligible for a charity grant as she has personal pensions and also income from renting out her home.

Apart from the cost my main concern is my mother's safety as the strokes have left her with severe dyspraxia and she finds it hard to understand how to move safely. She's had a number of falls as a result.

This is a very interesting site that specializes in wheelchair adapted cars. It is not motability, but well worth a look.
Hi Cyberpal,
We recently looked into these hoists, thinking they were a great idea. The company we contacted were excellent and they came to our door with a demonstartion model - as should any good company. Everything seemed great till we actually tried it - as Irene was being transferred into the car we found that a great deal of neck mobility was required for her to actually get through the door - something she does not have - so that put an end to that.
The obvious lesson is do not buy till you try.
We also looked at grants but found the few available were means tested and therefore because of my pension were not available to us.
We finally settled on a wheelchair accesssible vehicle through motability but as has already been pointed out higher rate mobility part of DLA is required. Obviously don't know your circumstances but unless your Mum is over 65 DLA is still an option. If Motability is out of the question it is possible to buy an adapted vehicle without having to pay VAT, which could be quite a saving.
Good luck.
Thanks a lot for those very helpful postings. My mother is over 80 so not entitled to that allowance, I checked some time ago.

Very interesting info about having to contort yourself to use the hoist, I'll keep an eye open to see how that goes tomorrow. I'll report back when I get home in a couple of days!
Good Luck
Liz. Image
The test of the Milton hoist went very well. You put the sling on the wheelchair and then the person sits on it, the straps are attached to the hoist and it's very simple to actually get the person in and out of the wheelchair and car.

However, it was being demonstrated on a people carrier with large doors so we asked for the height of the car door where it would be fitted to be measured and that was seven inches shallower which was a lot.

It was explained that once the person has their feet inside the car the hoist can be lowered with the person outside the car and then they are swung in. The suitability of the car is going to be checked by the firm with their head office.

There was no hard sell and we were told they would send us the quote and then it's up to us to contact them if we want to take it further.

Obviously you can get a lot of wheelchair taxi rides for £1,900 but the problem has been that when my mother is taken somewhere it's been a problem getting a taxi to take her back as they are often out on school runs and other jobs.

I didn't expect to be as impressed as I was and my mother was thrilled with the experience. It made me realise just how much she misses going out and about.

I'll report back shortly on the actual cost and what we decide to do. Apparently the fitting takes about six hours as it has to be bolted to the car chassis.