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Can you help find a suitable alarm/monitor for night calls - Carers UK Forum

Can you help find a suitable alarm/monitor for night calls

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
We need an alarm call system rather like a baby monitor (but without a video feed!) so my mother can seek help during the night when required. She lives in a very old cottage with very thick walls and the modern systems are 'wireless'; the signal does not travel through the walls. We can get a signal in the next room but not in the bedroom. (We have the same problem with broadband. Connection in some rooms only.)
We have also tried a system with physical wires stretched through doors down the passage between the rooms but they are now a trip hazard.
Our baby alarm used to plug into a socket and the signal went down the ring main electric circuit to whichever room you plugged the monitor into. I can't find one of these on-line. Do they still exist? Can anyone direct me to a suitable product please?
Here's hoping for a reply to my first post,
Charlie :)
Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum. I can't help with your enquiry but I expect someone else will.
Hello Charlie and welcome to the forum :)

I've had quick google and can see what you mean - they all seem to be wireless or else they have a video monitor which you don't want.

Two suggestions:
1) Contact Mothercare and see if they can suggest something ?
2) What about a wireless door bell ? The type where the 'ring' part is a plug-in and the bell push is separate ? Something like this:
http://www.screwfix.com/p/wireless-60m- ... 0wodQsUJTg
(the one I've given you a link to is fr om Screwfix but Amazon and Argos sell a lot of similar ones
Or reinstate the wired system that was a trip hazard but fix the wires up at top of walls with cable pins?
Maplins have a Powerline intercom system that may be useful for £50
Thank you all. Am following up your suggestions and will advise result in case it helps someone else in the future.
How ridiculous they don't sell the kind of babymonitors that plug into the mains any more! They worked perfectly well, and were very simple.

Hope you find them still for sale somewhere. I wonder if Ebay would have any second hand ones from people who bought them when they were still for sale, but no longer use.
Thank you one and all. Problem solved.
The Screwfix helpline suggested I talk to Byron who manufacture a variety of door chimes/ alerts/alarms. They advised me to try a Door Chime with a very long range to get a much stronger signal (for our thick walls). Tried a wirefree one (Byron BY504) and a socket one (Byron BY514) from B & Q. The wireless one works! Hurray. Here's a link http://www.diy.com/departments/byron-wi ... 051_BQ.prd

I was going to add 'now I can sleep at night' but maybe not if the alarm works too often!! Hey ho... Thanks again.

Hi, glad you have found a workable solution.


PS I know the thick walls caused you problems, but I wish we had them! S is very noisy and thick walks would be great for us. Ours are paper thin!