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Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Last week, someone from the Lions Club tried to get me to join her organisation, when I was walking round a show. When I explained my situation, she decided that perhaps now was not the right time! However, she told me something interesting. Regularly forum members may recall me recommending the Lions as a source of funding for various things not readily available from Health and Social Services. Apparently, due to the Data Protection Act, Social Services are unable to approach organisations like the Lions to ask for help with specific clients. They can't even give names and addresses for Christmas parcels any more. The Lions WANT to support more local people but finding the people to help is proving extremely difficult, but the money is there. If you need something not available on the NHS or from SSD, you need to contact the Lions yourself. Hope that helps someone, I just hate to think that someone has money available to help carers and the disabled which is going unused.
What a madness. I will store that info for future ref, in case the NHS stop funding S's very expensive communication aid and also for some families at school too.

That's really helpful, BB, thank you. How utterly ridiculous that there is money there but statutory agencies aren't referring people. There is a lovely local charity where I live - not the Lions but one that just helps out local people with anything they need really, the criteria is that you just need to be in need and be local. The playscheme my son goes to on our estate refer families at Christmas each year so we all get a £20 voucher for the local supermarket. It helps so much at that time of year and in the past it's made the difference between us being able to afford things like crackers and a party table cloth - I know they're not essential but it makes it a bit more Christmassy and it does make a difference.
a link to the Lions Club wbsite

Thanks Susie.
Thanks for this, our washing machine has just packed up and we need one with a large drum to wash soiled duvets etc. Gonna approach them and see if they can contribute.
What do they help with
They help with all sorts of things. If there is something you need related to disability, get in touch with them.