Can anyone help, recipes with low fat, and little or no salt

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Hello Members

I wonder if anyone can help!

I am looking for recipes with little fat, sugar and salt, preferably stews, hotpots, home made soup and any recipes that anyone would be kind enough to share.

My Husband and I have cared for our Son for 26 years and he has schizophrenia. Sadly almost 5 weeks ago my Husband had a heart attack and has recently had a triple heart bypass. Although our diet has been low in fats, sugar and salt and none of us overweight, I am looking for healty tasty recipes.

I have been told to add peppers, garlic, chillies etc to certain foods but unsure as to how much to add and to what. I am an old fashioned cook in as much as we enjoy all the good old recipes.

I would be most grateful for any tips and suggestions.

Google Heart Foundation recipes. I've just looked and there are a variety available. My husband died suddenly from a heart attack, although he too did all the "right" things.

Have a look at the British Heart Foundation web site and sign up for their free bimonthly magazine Heart Matters which has suitable recipes in it. Think there are lots on the web site as well ps loads of interesting free leaflets or downloads.
over the years I have gradually cut down on the amount of salt I use in cooking until now I hardly use any at all and don't notice the difference !

Obvious things to do are to check food labels for fat, salt and sugar content and buy 'reduced' options (baked beans, cheese, yoghurts, skimmed milk etc). You could also try Lo-Salt instead of 'normal' salt in cooking and Canderel (or similar) instead of sugar (although personally I don't like the 'aftertaste' of artificial sweeteners).

My recipe for home made soup doesn't include any added salt - I make a stock by boiling a chicken carcass or ham bone (cool the stock and remove any fat that forms) and then just use it to cook up any left over veg in the fridge and then blitz the lot in my liquidiser. If you add a couple of potatoes it makes a thick, filling and tasty soup.
Chili and garlic can be added to any of the old familiars such as minced or stewed meat dishes, just chop a tiny bit (maybe a quarter of a teaspoon of either of them) and add it at the start of cooking. If you like it then you can add more! Make sure they are finely chopped though! :shock:
Peppers are similar, chop into small pieces and add to recipes, if you don't like them, leave them out! Fresh or dried herbs are good and one thing I do recommend is tomato puree (SuzyQ will know about this one!) and don't be shy with is great for adding richness to a stew or goulash or even a soup. Buy the lean version of meat (more expensive though) and fill up on veg as well.

Less cooking with oil, fewer roasts, different lower fat cheeses..there's ton's of help out there.

Good luck!! :)
ladybird wrote:one thing I do recommend is tomato puree (SuzyQ will know about this one!) and don't be shy with is great for adding richness to a stew or goulash or even a soup.
except for diabetics it's loaded with sugar :shock:
(as I've just found out - I'm told that tomato paste is better but need to check that out !)
I use it and I'm diabetic :) If one was eating it off the spoon it might be different but spread among a gravy in a dish for a few, it has never raised my levels.

The healthy potatoes did though..
I use lo-salt salt for cooking etc.
As for fat, it is a vital part of a healthy diet, and there are no proven benefits in lo-fat products. So you can enjoy butter and ham, along with plenty of olive oil and so on.
Carbohydrates are the real killers, bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes.
Not that I can talk, I'd like to get that tummy flatter, wouldn't we all!
Just a note, we were told not to use Lo-salt,(Type 1 Diabetes),something to do with the amount of potassium.It was a few years ago and recommendations may have changed.
I have been following a low carb diet myself for the last few weeks.I have learnt more from reading the science around it,than I have learnt since I started nursing in 1980.Also with the diabetes in my family I am stunned that I cannot find any Diabetes friendly low carb(and very tasty) recipes. My husband and son, both Type 1,have been eating the same food as me(although with some potatoes or bread as they have to eat enough carbs)and their blood levels are MUCH more balanced. I can't believe the difference and I wish I had looked at low carb cookery rather than Diabetes cookery years ago.I have been on it for six weeks(with two weeks off in the middle as I didn't enjoy it at first),and have so far lost 15lbs.
I am unable to get to see a dietician for my husband and son,even though it would be useful.As Ladybird says, healthy potatoes raise the blood sugar a bit too much. We do use tomato puree.
My son eats greek yoghurt(full fat) rather than low sugar, as some "healthy" yoghurts can send his blood sugar up too high.(especially mullerlight).
Good luck to anyone trying to eat healthily!
I have been following a low carb diet myself for the last few weeks
have you noticed that you've developed a permanent 'nasty taste' in your mouth since following the low carb diet ? (I seem to remember people on the Atkins Diet complaining about the same thing back when it was all the rage).

I seem to have constant 'sour' taste this last couple of weeks - at first I thought it was down to the antibiotics I was on for a tooth abscess, but I finished those a few days ago and still have the taste despite brushing my teeth and mouth numerous times a day and drinking plenty of water.