Carers ID card

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How do I go about getting a carers ID card
Unfortunately there is no such animal as a nationally recognised Carers ID card :(

Some local authorities do issue a card that can be used in emergencies that states that the person holding it is a carer and that there is someone who will need looking after if they are involved in, say, an accident or are taken ill in the street.

A lot of carers use the DWP letter confirming they are in receipt of Carers Allowance to identify themselves when accessing any discounts available to carers - i.e. cinema, theme parks etc..
Hi Natalie.

A Carers' Card ?

Not on a national basis ( Despite many requests over the years ... earliest being on the old Carers Trust forum in 2004 ) ... the following link will reveal many of the previous threads on this. ... 29#p378629

Your LA may have such a beast , best to surf into their web site and search for CARERS to see what that reveals.

An all dancing and singing Carers' Card ... for emergenices / free travel on public transport / possible credit card linked to a Carers Credit Union / discount card / identifying oneself as a carer to all and sundry ( Job Centre / NHS / GP / traffic wardens / pharmacists etc.etc. ) ... remains a dream ... despite the obvious advantages to many of the 7.6 million of us.

Almost a replica of Monty Python ... " What have the Romans ever done for us ? "