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Due to my Dad's loss of appetite recently, I have been advised to start incorporating supplements such as Build Up into my Dads' foods but hiding it because he won't eat it if he knows its there.

I have some suggestions already:

Make the fruity ones into ice lollies or sorbets
Make ice cubes
Add to soups and porridges

If anyone would like to add to this list, that would be great. I figure that a few people may struggle with doing this and it might be useful...

Hello Sarah

I remember when I had to do the same thing with Mums food, I use to spend half the day trying to get her to take them.

I use to get Maxijul from the dietician, its a powder that has no taste and you could put it into everything, it container loads of calories, so might be an idea to ask your Dad's GP or dietician. Another one is Calogen, its a liquid, though this has to be drunk at about 25mls so your Dad might not be too keen on this.

Hope this helps..

Take care
Maryann x
Hi there,
Adding butter to mashed potatoes, cream into desserts etc willl help maintain weight. If you do it every time.Calogen is nice added to some milk and adds even extra calories.
What a great idea to make the supplements into lollies!
Eva R.