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british gas winter rebate

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Hi Sheila

The number listed on the BBC website is 0845 601 2006.

Best wishes
That's the number I rang, Image Give it a go. If you don't ask you'll never get.
We got our first half today plus £16 reduction for paying Direct Debit - we'll need it with snow on the way Image
Image We can't have been in the quota as we've not heard anything back from them.
Qucik tip.................if you need to talk to someone at British Gas and can't hold on forever in their queues (which drive me barmy saying your call is important. If it was they would answer it!!!) go onto their website and complain. They ring YOU back and put you onto who you need to speak to Image
I got a letter this morning to say that the rebate scheme will soon be ending - there was a leaflet about free home insulation but we already have cavity wall and loft insulation so it doesn't really apply to us Image
I get a bit frustrated with these rebates and tariffs; they are often tricks of the trade. 'We guarantee to undercut the standard charge of so and so'....so and so turn out to be the worst kid on the block who have abortive standard charges anyway. They may have a lower unit'therm/kilowatt charge however!But keep on trying...only by keeping an eye on these robdogs will we ever get them to bring prices down in a genuine manner.
Being an ex employee of BG (Left them on 29th of Jan) I know and can say without trying to be loyal that they stood out as the worst billing and customer service only because they have the most customers, poor cust service came to 10% in a poll which is 1.1 million people complaining, Poor Prices came in at 15% of the calls coming in from customers. On the other side of the scale 75% of calls were satistactory ones with 80% of them coming from customers who have never been to another company.

Other companies like Gowerpen and penower ( Bad Karma to say them out loud) had only a 13% complaint base which is only 500,000 complaints. Do the Math BG is not that bad

All in all most prices for BG Gas and Energy are competetive and cheaper than most other suppliers in most areas of england.
Image Yippee!!!! We've got it Image , a letter came to say that we'll get £60 credited to our gas account and £30 to the electric. We celebrated by putting the heater on in the bedroom and turning on the immersion heater for enough water for a deep bath. It had taken so long for the letter to come that we'd assumed we'd been too late but not so. Image
Dad got his letter about his rebates yesterday and they will be credited at the same time. Waiting now to hear from Charis Grants where we applied for help to pay off his massive bill from last winter because of the price hikes in BG.

Good luck if anyones else has applied for the extra rebates.

When we moved house I did consider the BG rebate scheme as hubby is over 65, but i found it would be cheaper with Hydro Electric on a dual fuel system and direct debit as their rates are much cheaper than BG......it pays to shop around.

Take care