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british gas winter rebate - Carers UK Forum

british gas winter rebate

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hi folks just to let you know british gas have reopened this a couple of months ago, but only for the first 100,000 applicants. this is for anyone in receipt of carers allowance. i phoned them up before i realised the post i was reading, from paula H was from july, last year, but to my delight found that they were taking applications anyway, for a limited time. haven`t known of this in the past and good luck to anyone who applies. i`m sorry i didn`t write the exact number down, maybe paula H can help with that.
There is a really useful page about this rebate on the BBC website which also gives a number to call.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/m ... 726998.stm

It was my friend who told me about it, I'd never heard of it. We were successful and should get our first rebate this quarter - I didn't realise there was a limit, I just rang them up, told them our circumstances and they said we qualified.
Tried the number given on the BBC link but it's engaged, I'll try again tomorrow
Ann, I rang the number on my gas bill and they sorted it out for me if you can't get through on the other number.
Image Got through this morning and a very helpful young man has taken all the details so hopefully we'll be in the fist 100,000.
I get a bit frustrated with these rebates and tariffs; they are often tricks of the trade. 'We guarantee to undercut the standard charge of so and so'....so and so turn out to be the worst kid on the block who have abortive standard charges anyway. They may have a lower unit'therm/kilowatt charge however!But keep on trying...only by keeping an eye on these robdogs will we ever get them to bring prices down in a genuine manner.
Hi Ann can you give me the number for the gas rebate please Image Thanks
Hi Sheila

The number listed on the BBC website is 0845 601 2006.

Best wishes
we have just got our gas rebate this week molly