Bombarded by Smart Meters letters

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James - I should be interested to know where you live. On some island detached from the National Grid perhaps? You are a very exceptional case if indeed you are so restricted in energy companies.

In mainland Britain the energy providers feed a national grid to which consumers are connected. The so-called energy companies are no more than billing organisations. Relatively few organisations actually produce energy in any substantial quantity.

You must be situated somewhere rather exceptional.

I am not trying to argue with you; I would be fascinated to know a bit more about your situation. This matters because this forum is taken to apply to people in general. If your situation is unusual it needs to be recognised, so that we do not try to apply it generally.
far from exceptional ,
i went onto uswitch typed in my post code and i get the absolute max of 4 companies to pick from .
ALL of which are far more expensive apart from 1 company called BULB .

i live in a small ( ish ) town in Scotland that is serviced by very little in the way of companies .
the choices i get when i enter my details for electric , gas are simple

Scottish power
and bulb .

if i dont go through uswitch and go to energy companies directly i get more options ( 7 companies )
mainly same companies but with other options of tariffs to chose from and DD ONLY options.
several state they currently only cover larger towns , cities
but ALL companies are far more expensive than British gas . some are as much as £400 more than we currently pay .
and funny enough the companies who charge more are the so called "" green energy suppliers ""
Thanks for your reply James. It sounds as though you are either detached from the National Grid or have only a weak link to it. British Gas is much cheaper than the others so it sounds as though British Gas actually supplies the energy to your area. For other companies it is either expensive so they charge more, or don't want to know. They would need to "buy" the energy from British Gas to sell on to you, which is hardly competition. At any rate you have made an interesting revelation.

It is sadly true that the "green" suppliers tend to be more expensive. Nature's energy may be "free" but the cost of setting up wind farms and solar farms, and the associated rent, is considerable in relation to the power generated.

I've just seen this thread. I know someone who worked as an Energy Champion for CAB. His opinion was wait for SMETS2 - with which you can change energy company easily (there are issues with first generation ones stopping sending data to your energy company if you move). I think one reason for repeated mailings from energy companies is that they are under obligation to do all they can to ensure smart meters are rolled out, but customers are free to refuse until a point when their meter becomes inoperable anyway.

when I was a child in the 1970s we used to have a meter with a disc that spun round fast when you put the kettle on and much slower the rest of the time. Nothing new under the sun and not much more help in analyzing your overall usage. Several hours of that slow spinning added up to a lot more than several 3 minute fast spins - can't imagine it'll be any clearer with a smart meter. I think the distinction between the cost of prepayment and account payment is the difference rather than the benefits of a smartmeter.