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Bombarded by Smart Meters letters - Carers UK Forum

Bombarded by Smart Meters letters

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I can't offer any suggestions other than just bin the letters unopened, (or return them with a scathing message if there's a prepaid envelope), but if you think the smart meter scenario is bad - try getting rid of your telly and convincing them you haven't got one!

We didn't have one for about ten years, (after a period of having one) and they were still pestering us several times a year for the whole ten years.
Just blame them on the computer and recycle them.
I just scan the outside of envelopes and bin them immediately if they are bin fodder. I guess things things from the electric company need opening if you still have paper bills but a quick glance can determine if they are important or just sales blurb. My advice would be to pick your battles, caring is hard enough without worrying about relatively trivial things. The world is full of people and machines sending out sales blurb.
Yes, bin them. From what I hear on the consumer programmes we are under NO obligation to accept them, so we have to say a definite 'yes' rather than keep saying 'no', if you see what I mean.

Until we say 'yes' the companies can't foist them on us!

They want to foist them as they have stupid government targets. They are way behind on those insane targets and hence the 'desperation' we are seeing now.

Ironically, the problem with smart meters is NOT that they help us know what electric gadgets is soaking up the juice, and when,, but that the information GOES BACK TO THE ELECTRICITY COMPANIES!!!!!

I'd be perfectly happy ME knowing where the electricity is going, but it is NONE OF THE BUSINESS of the sellers of electricity to damn well know!

They will inevitably only use the information to charge more per unit when I use it most, to make the most money out of me!


Thank you!

I think they sometimes can want to 'con' us into thinking we 'must' accept them. I have letters that say 'We'll be in your area changing meters so phone up for your appointment' (that sort of thing), and also saying things like 'Your meter is due for upgrading, so we need to come and do that' (MAYBE, but NOT to a smart meter!)

They try and 'imply' that having a smart meter is 'inevitable'......
I keep receiving them too... but we already have smart meters :roll:
Mrs A
I'm able to read my meters, but they are awkward to get to. So Grandson 1 reads them for me. Have considered smart meters. Do you recommend?
Pet, I'd say they are useful in themselves, but the BIG downside (unacceptable to my mind!) is that the electricity companies can 'spy' on us and see what we use and when.

Believe me, like all who sell to us, they will NOT be using this information to make life better for us, only more profitable for THEM.

Also, there have been many reports that each electricity company installs its OWN proprietary meters, which then (amazingly!)(er, NOT)(ie, see above re 'profitability'!) do NOT work if you swap to a new electricity supplier! (hey, who'd have thought the electricity companies could POSSIBLY be that devious as to try and 'lock us in' to THEMSELVES!)

There are SUPPOSED to be 'supplier-neutral' (ie, non-proprietary) smart meters coming out soon, but I don't think they are available yet. Probably the consumer websites (Which, Martin Lewis etc) will have more information on this!

By the way, for inaccessible, unreadable meters - my son simply lifts up his phone and takes a phone photo of the meter! (It also date stamps it, which is useful!) (me I just scrawl it down on a scrap of paper then lose it!!!!!)

PS - don't ever read the meter when you have just put the kettle on to boil. The damn thing spins round HORRIFICALLY FAST!!!!!! Really depressing!
Suffice to say , the jury is still out on these devices.

Internet search ... SMART METERS PROS AND CONS ... very revealing !

More advantage for the suppliers when computing their tariffs ... watch out for the knock on effects !
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