Best way to lose weight?

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For me it's quite the opposite I think. The more I stress the less I eat. But stressing out is really bad for many other reasons

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I think stress can make adrenaline run, so you 'burn up' the calories more.

They say being chronically cold makes you burn more calories too, to keep warm! Bit brutal however...!

Hey ho, no easy way.
sam128_1705 wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:58 pm
please gimme your best advice on how to lose weight?
weight loss pills? excercise? anything else?

Hi Sam,applying for universal cockup is working for a lot of people.
I've just lost 7½ stone on Slimming World if that helps? Well, I've put on a bit over Christmas, but it will shift again. I still have several stone to lose but I feel so much better already.

Naturally, I would recommend SW, though I think you have to use some common sense and judgement and not just stick unquestioningly to the plan. I like the weekly groups, which I find much more participative than Weight Watchers.

I also, when I want to be even more focused, use online (and there is an app). It's basically calorie counting, which sounds a pain but they have an enormous database of branded foods so it's quick and easy to record your portions. You soon see which foods you're eating too much of.

Also, if you need to move around more, just try walking, possibly with a fitbit or similar.

Good luck!
Eat Healthy..Workout....Drink 5 Litre of water daily...
The best way to lose weight
You can also take pre workout supplements to lose weight quickly.
……."Become a carer, running about all day, caring :lol: "
Trouble is Alfred, if you're weak willed like me comfort eating tends to take over.
I have a wonderful book by Carolyn Humphries called "Pocket Calorie Counter" which lists the calories of just about everything you can think of!
I keep a notebook and try to keep the calorie intake below 1500 as much as possible, Lower on 'good' days
I find Tai Chi exercises much easier to do than yoga etc They are really enjoyable.
You can get Beginners Tai Chi on DVD.
Action For Carers had a morning's session of Relaxation and Tai Chi planned at a place not too far from where I live. Very sadly they've now cancelled it. The other Carer Activities listed on the News Sheet are quite a distance away from where I live. I hope they will realise that it would be good to have some activities planned in this part of the County for us Golden Oldie Carers! :D ... den-oldies This is a delightful DVD which would make you laugh and know that 'being old' isn't so bad!! :D
Jaivi_1901 wrote:
Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:22 am
Eat Healthy..Workout....Drink 5 Litre of water daily...
The best way to lose weight
You can also take pre workout supplements to lose weight quickly.
It is true 100%. People makes a things to stay in easy life but it's not easy...
All very well drinking 5 litres a day but a bit of a problem if you want to go out! Around here where there are very few public toilets, and even fewer I would ever want to venture into!!
Plenty of trees in that local wood of yours , BB ... thankfully ?

Up 'ere , it's the Sherwood Forest ... or , i should say , the bits of it which are left to decay ... like most of the villages and towns ?

Even Robin and his merry bunch of men ( Ale a little stronger in his day ) ... in tights ? ... thanks , Mel ... mind you , the local beak has seen a few appear before him over the years ... would have trouble finding a tree to hide behind !

Still good for that occasional game of hide and seek ... last one , local miners and the London police force !

Quite comical ... the Boys from the Smoke ... playing on a natural pitch ... not a concrete one ?

Weight loss wise ... did nothing for their wage slips !