Best way to lose weight?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Good on you , Henrietta.

I trust it wasn't a few tins of PAL ?

Red caviar for the poor goes down well ... baked beans , Supermarket's own brand.
I would term myself an "emotional" eater. Whenever I'm stressed I turn to a coffee and something to go with it. An annoying phone call from Social Services etc. sees me head straight for the kettle, rather than run away!
I'm sure many carers would fall into this sort of category. All I want to do is be at peace and sew. Unfortunately there is little chance of this with government cuts! We don't need lectures about healthy eating, in fact I love fruit and veg. I've seen many articles about "removing" the causes of stress. How can you do that when you have a child with a lifelong disability, now grown up physically, but not mentally?
Coffee is the best option for me in situation like this :)
When do you eat, other than meal times. I'm a dreadful nibbler when stressed. Difficult phone call? When I put the phone down, I head for the kettle for a cup of tea and coffee, accompanied by a biscuit or cake. I also eat for comfort when I'm dog tired - I have a few health problems, incapable of doing many things I used to enjoy.
Once you know when you are eating and why, you can do something about it.
In my case, I have a holiday coming up, so I'm sewing lots of new clothes. Fancy a drink when I'm out, yes. But if I save the money and go home, that's half a yard of fabric I could buy. This morning, the scales told me I'd lost half a stone in the last month, since I started this new plan. And I've got some lovely new clothes too.
I'm the same BB. I nibble when very tired, when stressed etc Congrats on losing half a stone!

Sitting watching the tv- out come the crisps- that sort of letting go , relaxing and boredom combination.
Do some sport and don't forget to rest

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Hi Sam,
I've lost two and a half stones since Christmas after I decided to overhaul my life and I started finding a variety of interesting ways to eat vegetables. I also eat free range eggs and organic chicken at various times. I have vegetable curries made with coconut oil.

I also started using a pedal cycle thing as I couldn't get out every day.

When I do get out I go for walks up to about two miles but with a rest stop in the middle or at the end.

In all my time specifically trying to lose weight, I couldn't. Changing my lifestyle and eating habits long term has resulted in the weight loss what was more of a consequence than the main goal.

Scruffy x
Your council might have a healthy weight programme, I did the one in Cornwall and lost 3kg. Basically eating healthy and excercise, I know it is common sense but it seemed easier doing it with like minded people. I have porridge oats milk and frozen fruit for breakfast, wholemeal wrap quorn and salad for lunch and brown rice chickpeas veg for dinner, snacks can be ryvita and peanut butter or an apple, drink lots of water too, I found it gave me a lot more energy. In reality it means cutting out processed food or anything with added sugar. Also no more than 2 tsp oil or butter a day. They offered free circuit training too. I have books with the circuits to do at home, walking and swimming also help.
I hope it's okay to be posting to this late in the day. I stumbled across it and have found it a fascinating read. I appear to be on my own in that when stressed I stop eating altogether. I have in the past gone days without eating and not felt hungry either. I have spent a few years working on this as although over weight when I do eat it's predominantly fruit and veg with small portions of meat...rarely eat carbs.

For me stress means I'm doing more and the easiest thing to cut out my life that takes time is food. So unlike asking for dieting advise if anyone knows of a way to make me eat when stressed that would be great.