Best way to lose weight?

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For me it's quite the opposite I think. The more I stress the less I eat. But stressing out is really bad for many other reasons
I think stress can make adrenaline run, so you 'burn up' the calories more.

They say being chronically cold makes you burn more calories too, to keep warm! Bit brutal however...!

Hey ho, no easy way.
sam128_1705 wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:58 pm
please gimme your best advice on how to lose weight?
weight loss pills? excercise? anything else?

Hi Sam,applying for universal cockup is working for a lot of people.
ketogenic diet + 2-3/week workout (take natural pre workout supplements if needed) = success :)
I've just lost 7½ stone on Slimming World if that helps? Well, I've put on a bit over Christmas, but it will shift again. I still have several stone to lose but I feel so much better already.

Naturally, I would recommend SW, though I think you have to use some common sense and judgement and not just stick unquestioningly to the plan. I like the weekly groups, which I find much more participative than Weight Watchers.

I also, when I want to be even more focused, use online (and there is an app). It's basically calorie counting, which sounds a pain but they have an enormous database of branded foods so it's quick and easy to record your portions. You soon see which foods you're eating too much of.

Also, if you need to move around more, just try walking, possibly with a fitbit or similar.

Good luck!