Best way to lose weight?

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please gimme your best advice on how to lose weight?
weight loss pills? excercise? anything else?
Best place to start ?

NHS guidelines : ... ng-weight/

They are the so called experts ... ?
There is no magic bullet.

The only sensible way to lose weight is to consume less calories than your body needs.

It's a bit of a faff to start off, but it works. Get some info on the calories in the foods you eat. For the first week, weigh everything you eat and work out how many calories that is.
Once you have the figures sorted adjust your intake accordingly, unless you are an unusual shape/size or have a particularly strenuous job aim for less than 2000 calories per day - 1500 is better, but 2000 is more easily achievable and should be low enough to work.You probably won't notice much difference for the first ten days or so but will then start to lose weight steadily if you are strict with your intake.

Allow yourself a couple of treats during the week otherwise life is too boring.
thank you guys for your support!
losing weight is a big problem for me at the moment...
Best way to lose weight?
…….Become a carer, running about all day, caring :lol:
Following Albert , if it's only a short trip to the local food bank , why not do a few " Yards " extra to the next one ?
Thanks for that link Chris, didn't know about that - looks good and FREEEEEEEEE :D :D
Free ?

My commission on posting it ?
Dog walking , it's free but you might even get paid for it.

Almost every day I take my carees dog for a walk, if nice weather, about an hours walking, it's good exercise, fresh air, you can meet people interact with them.

On the food side look out for anything fat free, usually means sugar added to make it taste nice, a tv programme showed that the average person ate the equivalent of 50 spoons of sugar a day, thats trying to avoid sugar.

Cans of soup, pizza, baked beans, all contain added sugar, you can get low sugar products.
I tried dog walking, paid for insurance , advertised a bit and zilch- market is saturated with people dog walking round here.

Commission?/ LOL- donation to food bank on its way.