Best Place to find a Personal Carer?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Desperately seeking a new carer for my Wife other than agency sites any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
any Websites/services/people offering services?
All responses appreciated.
East London area- Ilford/Romford area
As a potential employer , the local Job Centre may be able to assist ... especially with what can , and cannot be , included when seeking an employee.

Perhaps even with the usual " Package " now needed for any employee spelt out ... hours / sick pay / holidays / pension etc.

A free add in various local sources spelling out precisely what you are seeking in a " Carer " ?

Swiss army knife type , or one with specialist skills ?

Just a few thoughts ...

Bear in mind that this site / forum is designed for family carers ... ?
If you decide in the end that the responsibilities of being an employer are too onerous, and decide to use a care agency, check out their ratings on the CQC -Care Quality Commission web site . There are some very good ones and as many here can testify some not quite up to scratch.
Hi Simon

You could try looking in the personal ads columns of "The Lady" magazine - it's always been very popular with people looking for nannying or companion positions but latterly there have been ads for personal assistants/carers as well.

I'd also suggest approaching your local Social Services and ask if they have a list of vetted care assistants who 'freelance'.
Hi Simon,

Others on here have used

In our area we have Penderels trust who operate a payroll service for those who are replying a PA or care worker. They help with advertising etc They also have adverts from those offering care. I don't know if they operate in your area, but it's worth a look. ... _region=-1 If they don't operate where you live there will be something similiar, I'm sure.
It's also worth visiting your local Carers Centre for info.