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Doorsteps and ramps

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Hiya. Just a quick query that I could use some advice on. Caree is in a wheelchair full time and we have a doorstep to enter the house. I've been pushing and pulling to get Caree into and out of the house (Caree's quite big and heavy) and it's affecting my health. I've asked OT about what can be done and apart from major work (which will take a fair while) and all that OT suggested was buying a ramp. Aren't social services / OT able to provide this? We're on a low income now (thanks to v little help) and can't afford this.

If Caree doesn't have a ramp it means Caree is either stuck in or out of the house and the only way to get over this is if I continue to risk my health and that of Caree.

Does anyone have any advice
We have a step outside our front door. When hubbys mobility first started to go down hill Social services extended the step and put hand rails in. When it went all together they then had a permanent ramp fitted. I would get back to them
I would get back to the ss too Poppet as well as try the health ot , ours got ramps for us when we first moved here and oh couldn't get out because of the steps.
Hi Poppet: your OT suggested a ramp? If she agrees you actually need one then you're right, it should be provided. You may have to apply for a grant (for a permanent one), but if you need one, they should then provide a temporary one while that's being sorted.

They have a duty of care to you as well, and it's in their interests to keep you fit and able to continue caring.
Thanks for that Charles, mum has such a difficult front door arrangement, an outside door, an inner door, and steps between them all, that even two burly ambulancemen struggle. OT said that they could not provide temporary ramps, the obvious solution. However mum could get a grant from the LA to make alterations, but the only way permanent ramps could be fitted would be by doing literally thousands of pounds worth of work. I'll go back and remind them of the duty of care to me.
Our back has a similar problem, inner door, steep step, outer door steps. Our health ot had the handyman come and make ramps specifically to fit Image
My wife had the same problem at our new disabled bungalow in that the door frame (the stormguard?) bit at the bottom was so high, she found it difficult to get over it to get in and out of the house. We looked into portable ramps, thinking maybe we could buy and fit them ourselves but not only were they shockingly expensive for what they were, they were also too long for our liking. Even simple Threshold Ramps, a neat idea but a pain to use daily, were expensive.
Dad has steps at both front and back doors. He can not walk properly anymore, just shuffles behind a rollator trolley. The local council and OT departments spend so long discussing it I contacted the fire brigade safety officer. He visited, checked out the house for fire safety and contacted the council. Within two days the contractors were there measuring up. Long story short....in the event of fire Dad was being held prisoner in his own home due to the failure of the council to provide disabled access to their sheltered houses.........now everyone else wants ramps!xx
Gosh Poppett, That is a RESULT!!! Well done.
Thanks for all those suggestions and examples. I'm extremely impressed with the self made ramp ... I had considered doing that actually.

I'll chase them up and let you know what happens. Fingers and toes crossed.