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Begging PM

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Hi everybody.
I've just had a begging PM. Gave me quite a shock! I've passed it to the moderators. I know you will, but please be aware.
I've had one too Pet !

Don't know how it's got through the net, but I'm forwarding mine to Kate to get the IT guys to look into it.
I suspect that quite a few other members have received one too - if anyone has please just delete it from your pm inbox.
Lucky me, I've had two!! For any new member, to find your private messages, go to the purple bar of tabs. the third one is says "Private Messages" with a number. Click here to find your PM's.
If you ever get an inappropriate message, it's really easy to report it to our moderators. To the top right hand of the message you will find a square with an exclamation mark inside. Click here, and it will take you to a new page which goes directly to the mods on duty. I am sure they will completely block the sender of these messages asap.
Me too!
Luckily it's obvious, but do all take care to make sure any vulnerable people who may be forumites dont get taken in by it
Yes, I had one too.

Had a txt from HMRC.(claiming to be) Stating they owe me £337. Oh yeh!!!. Didn't open it. So concerning for vulnerable people though. As if HMRC are going to text anyone with such information. Scams seem to be getting more rife.
Pet - the clever thing about that scam is that it isn't a huge amount of money, and not a round sum so seems more 'believable'....scary.

(As an aside, when my SIL's mum developed dementia, she became obsessed by all the post that arrived saying that she'd won a prize in a lottery, and that sort of thing - she religiously saved every letter, and kept trying to get my SIL to reply and 'claim' the prize, etc etc. She got so distressed about it, it was dreadful.)

(As for my friend's father, he was scammed really badly by 'boiler room' thieves, and 'invested' a good few thousand in a totally bogus scheme. My friend said he kept saying to her 'But they must be a real company - they sent me a very glossy brochure'....awful.)
Timely thanks to the Mods for dealing with this for action .....and to Pet for bringing it to our attention.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for reporting this, and thank you to the wonderful moderating team for taking action!

We do have some ways of preventing spam in the forum, but we can never 100% stop it - especially as the spammers and scammers are often a step ahead! The most important thing is that if you receive a message that you are at all concerned about, let a moderator or member of staff know. We're not able to see private messages between members, so we only know about it if you alert us.

Age UK do some brilliant information about staying safe online - it's always worth having a read, to refresh your knowledge: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/work-and-learni ... fe-online/

Hope that helps - let me know if you have any questions.

All the best,