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Hi all

My very elderly dad has been in hospital for 18 days. In that time he's only walked as far as the loo a few times ...been helped in and out of his bed and chair etc. Before this home ..he walked quite well with two sticks and did all his own personal care. However this stay has ..I think ...made him deteriorate and appear much more frail. He has been using a walking frame for example.

Dr said he could go home yesterday but he had had no sort of assessment so I spoke to nurse and asked for him to be checked for mobility et c as his bed is upstairs the toilet is downstairs et c

She wrote in her notes that his daughter and carer refuses to take him home until he's been seen by occupational therapist and physio. I'm hopeful this will happen today ..but does anyone know what sort of checks should be done ? I also said that I'm not prepared to do personal care is washing toileting or dressing undressing but I assume this is not really the medical professions concern.

Any advice appreciated. Thankyou.
You may find this Carers UK factsheet "Coming out of hospital" useful ... f-hospital
Remember, the hospital cannot make an 'unsafe discharge' - ie, where the patient will be released into inadqueate care.
Because hospitals are desperate for beds, they hope that family will just say 'oh, all right then' and sort things out 'afterwards', ie, when the patient is back home.

NOW is your 'choke point' - ie, while the hospital still have your dad and desperately want him out - once he's out you can whistle for any assistance! NOW you have the power to demand!

All the best....

PS - sadly, members here do often report that a stay in hospital never gets the patient 'back to previous state' ....there is all too often a step-downwards decline, in their journey towards the eventual end. Sad, but seems inevitable...

So prepare for your dad to be 'worse' than when he went in....
Copied across from another recent thread ... hospital discharges :

Numerous links available which set out the full process ... what SHOULD happen , both before and afterwards :

First 2 : NHS Choices : ... pital.aspx ... arge-care/

Thirdly , Age UK ... sections therein are relevant to the discharge procedures : ... ge_fcs.pdf

In addition , Carers UK have a " Fact sheet " available elsewhere on this site.

Have a look around to get a feel of what will be involved.

Needless to add , there is NO legal requirement for you to take on any caring duties !!!

That " Choice " is one where logical thinking tends to be thrown out the window.

There will be pressure on you to take on the responsibility of the System to it's vunerable citizens ... and , at times , the System can play " Dirty. "
Thank you all so much for your replies. Hospital was actually excellent and I was impressed by their discharge procedure in the end. Off to pick him up later.