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Be very careful if you use Compare the Market! - Carers UK Forum

Be very careful if you use Compare the Market!

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I used CompareTheMarket.com to get quotes to insure our WAV, a van modified when new in 2000 (we bought the van in 2008). The cheapest quote was Budget (a trading name of BISL Ltd), whose policy looked OK. When the documents came in the post, the model of the van was wrong, so I phoned to get it corrected. First time I phoned, after some discussion, I was left on hold so long I had to give up on it. Earlier this afternoon, I tried again, only to be told the van model was information from the DVLA, based on the registration - he couldn't explain why the Registration Document (from the DVLA, of course) had different information. Even the check I did since, on the DVLA website, agrees with the document. Their system is wrong.

Worse was to come. The person at Budget wanted to run through the details - when it came to modifications, he claimed I had not declared them, and that they would not insure it. To add insult to injury, they are taking £38 'administration fee' off my money before they refund it!

I retrieved (and updated) the quotes on Compare the Market, to make doubly sure that I had declared the modifications - I definitely had put them in there, and Budget were still there at the top.

Compare the Market can cost you money, not save it!
How annoying, a waste of time, energy and money.

Seems to be only the insurers ever benefit from insurance.

if you have the info, and it is incorrect,then I would contact trading standards for advice.
I'm pretty sure(?) that, as it is still early days into the policy, you can cancel it without penalty. That is, if you can find cheaper elsewhere.

I did that with Direct Line when they kept messing up on a new policy some years ago.
Some good may yet come of this - I searched* for 'WAV Insurance', which found (among others) Chartwell Insurance, which is part of Adrian Flux, a well-established firm. They don't do online quotes, but the phone call was free. The young lady I talked to was pleasant and helpful to deal with, better still, the policy they found cost (admittedly marginally) less than Budget's. Let's hope this one lasts more than 5 days!

*I use Everyclick (powered by Yahoo) which helps raise money for charity.

Lazydaisy, I have started with an email to CompareTheMarket and plan to get my £38 back.

Sprinter, not sure if they are trying to pull a fast one here, but the documents clearly say that cancellation within 14 days incurs a fee of £38. Since they effectively cancelled it, I think they may be on dodgy ground.
Bad practice to 'Reply' to my own post, but I have only just spotted that CompareTheMarket is run by BISL Ltd - the insurer that has just messed me about. They can't excuse themselves by blaming bad data transfers!
http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/ You might find this link useful, Cotula, in case they don't handle your complaint well. No way should you have to pay the £38. If anything they should compensate you for messing you about. It would be interesting to know if this has happened to others.
Sorry to hear about the problems you are having. Are you able to go through 'Motability'? They do some WAVs and DFWs too and include insurance.
Thanks for the link, Charles. I am 'brewing' a letter of a kind I can be quite good at (if i say so myself) - utterly polite, utterly reasonable and logical, but with a rapier point! At least it really only needs working out once, since they are effectively the same company, as I just send copies (maybe with minor modifications) to the two 'front' companies and another to the parent. I am expecting them to try to brush it aside. Other companies have made that mistake with me...

Jimbo, we will look at Motability if this one looks like costing a lot in repairs any time. As things are, it costs much less owning direct, and we like to feel we are in full control.
I'm surprised it cost less owning direct, considering, insurance and all servicing and maintenance costs are included. Also you can get some help with the finance if you ask (conditions apply, as they say).