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Carers assessment

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I have been a carer for my husband for several years.
Our situation has changed and he is currently not with me and is in a rehab hospital. His health and mobility has got much worse. We do not know what type of support he will need if and when he comes home. He’s been I hospital for 9 weeks
I contacted my local authority to request a cares assessment and was told that this would not be carried out now because he is in hospital and his future health is not known etc.
I’m perplexed and wanted to find out other people’s views. Does this make sense perhaps it does.
But he has a long term health condition end stage kidney disease, has had a stroke and is unable to walk or move himself from bed to chair. They also told me that possibly when they are discharging him this would be right time for carers assessment. Knowing there is a long waiting list here for carers assessment feel how would this work
Appreciate any thought or advice
In theory, hospitals should be talking to relatives about discharge arrangements right from the day of admission, but of course many usual plans have been ignored due to Covid etc.

No one can be forced to care, so if you don't feel that you can manage your husband's needs any more, and he needs long term nursing care, be sure to tell the hospital, again, and again.

Has anyone mentioned an "NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment"?
Look this up on Google for full details, it means all the care he needs either at home, or in residential care.
I know this is very difficult, but has anyone told you how long you husband is likely to live?
You're being put off because of the waiting list.

If you have any idea when discharge is going to take place, then that's their deadline for completing his needs assessment (if there's no CHC in place) and completing your Carers Assessment - that has to be done by social care services rather than health services.

A Carers Assessment is carried out when someone is being cared for OR when someone is about to be cared for. If you make it clear that you're unwilling to provide care without an assessment in place before discharge, they may be more amenable.
Thanks for your replies
Yes have been told long waiting list in our area.
But also know that all the many professionals who are involved with husband’s care acknowledge how complex he is and if he comes home will need a team of carers.
I was told that a carers assessment would be discussed at his discharge meeting but this seems to be not enough time to set things up.

The only person I’ve spoke to at our local council said the hospital would set up carers assessment I thought it was Adult Social Services role.

It’s hard enough as it is and feel I’m in the middle of health and social services teams does anyone know who is responsible and is it correct they can’t start a cares assessment as he is in hospital.
Aside from his current health issue he has end stage kidney disease so that won’t change .

Thanks for reading
We are in Wales and I don’t think CHC applies here but will check again
Yes, it does apply in Wales.
Thanks Greta good to know that.
Hi Ruth, how are things now?
There are no plans at all because they can not proceed with physio as awaiting a CT scan . Dr concerned there are further complications.
Seems we are in a situation that until they know his future mobility will not even come to our home to discuss what needs to happen for him to come home.
Think it’s going to be a very long process as he has such complex health issues suppose.

We may need to have a team of carers for him to come home. However he goes to dialysis 3 times a week so won’t need carers then.

I’m struggling to be honest . But am allowed to visit 2 times a week

Thanks for being in touch
In this situation, the scan is vital asap before any plans can be made for discharge. Have they said when this will be done?