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Hi there
I've been using the Jointly App for the past 18 months without a problem. Yesterday however when I went to access it to get my mums details, whilst the occupational therapist was here, it wouldn't work. Nothing at all!! I thought maybe it was a blip but when I went to access it again today I had the same problem.
Is anyone else having issues with it at the moment or is it just me and something I've done?!? :-??? :-???
Nothing found on an Internet search ... JOINTLY APP PROBLEMS.

Down to anyone else experiencing problems.

ANY new technology ... the occasion blip is to be expected ... some more occasional than others ?

Good test for any " Customer service " branch of any business ... some are worse than others ?

Contact ... email address :

Business ? Customer service section ?

Carers Uk ... interesting ...
Jointly is developed by Carers UK, a charity set up to help the millions of people who look after an older, disabled or ill family member or friend. We do so by campaigning and by providing advice, information and support to carers. Our goal is to make carers’ lives easier, which is why we developed Jointly. We need to attach a small fee to Jointly to meet operational and maintenance costs.
Many thanks
Just sent them an email. Apps are great when they're working and don't realise how much you become reliant on them until they stop :(
Let us know what transpires.

After all , Carers UK's name is on it.