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Attendance Allowance - fast tracking payment - Carers UK Forum

Attendance Allowance - fast tracking payment

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Thought I'd share my experience in case it may help someone else overcome the usual 6 month wait between applying for and getting paid the Attendance Allowance.

When my mother had a recent stroke (September), I had to move in since she could no longer do much for herself. We were told (by the social worker) that we qualified for Attendance Allowance so we sent off the filled-in form, thinking it would take the required 6 month wait. Someone working in that department told me that the reason for the wait was in case mum got better and no longer qualified for it! Anyway, received a phone call from the department, asking me various questions. When they learnt that I had been a carer since 2004 (in a part-time capacity, i.e. doing her shopping and monitoring her medicine), I was surprised to be told that this meant my mother would be paid effectively from the day she applied for it!

Hope this is useful info either for yourself or to pass on to someone who may be in a similar

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Could've sworn I saw a reply to this post last night, Amy!

Sometimes the DWP does get it right. We just don't hear about it too often, so thanks for that! Image
You did see a reply - I copied it into this section too since I realised it was more relevant here! Image
I thought I was seeing double!

It is a lovely surprise when the departments get it right for a change.

I remember fighting for a former neighbour when her husband had a terminal cancer diagnosis and was told he could have high rate DLA immediately. The consultant signed the forms, which got lost in transit, so a duplicate set was taken to the office dealing with the case (some hundreds of miles away) and a receipt demanded so they couldn`t fob us off again. By week three we were convinced they were hopeing he would die so they didn`t have topay out, and a solicitor eventually sent them a page with the dictionary definition of "terminal" in huge bold print ( at my request), and still the claim went unpaid. Our MP got involved and the cheque duly arrived. The niece of the gent was dispatched to put it in the bank under protest as she had come to have her breakfast with her uncle. Sadly he had died in the early hours, but we knew if the bank asked if he was still alive she could say yes, not knowing any different.

Thankfully things have much improved over the years and the last few folk I helped with DLA and AA had the award within two weeks.

Take care