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Image Hi, has any one any thoughts,advice please. As well as the leukemia she who must be obeyed now has considerable (Dr's words) wastage of the bones etc at the top of the spine and the base of the neck, not sure what we are looking for but I guess something to ease the pain when lying down or sitting relaxing in a chair i.e. some sort of support for neck or something like that??
I spoke to the OT(Occupational Therapist) never heard one back peddle so fast Image Image when Alice asked for advice suggested we ask GP. At least we are in her diary to call us in two weeks Image Image
Hey ho.
Many thanks
A physio would probably be the person you need rather than an OT, a referral to a rheumatologist might be a good idea too, they can refer you to the appropriate service, usually a physio.
Many thanks parsifal will file that for future reference