Are they going deaf?

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My wife has started talking loudly. This is a possible sign of deafness.
I tested her on this audio tone generator site and found that she cannot
hear frequencies above 2,000 hertz. This is quite bad so getting her a proper hearing test.

Here is the link if you wish to give a rough indication of anyone who you may consider is going deaf.

As an old comedian once said, "Can you hear me mother?" :D
Albert, this is a very interesting link, thankyou. For years mum said I mumbled, then I met someone more clued up about deafness who explained that my somewhat high-pitched voice was more difficult for her to hear than, say, my son's voice.

But don't get me started on all the hearing aids and earphones we've tried to get mum to use. She refuses them all and just annoys the neighbours by turning up the TV (sigh!)

Another helpful tool on your link is the one to slow music down without altering the pitch. As someone who plays by ear, I find this invaluable :)