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RORY and his behaviour.... - Carers UK Forum

RORY and his behaviour....

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Im really at the end of my tether - I really am trying to go along with what Rory's school are putting in place for his behaviour and now that he goes to search group - which is a kind of behaviour and social therapy 3 days a week instead of school.... its got much worse, I know they said this would happen but Im finding it quite hard and although I am concerned about his violence Im even more concerned about his self harming!

Rory is only 6 and he claws at his skin so much he makes it bleed, Ive now been told although he has extremely 'mild' excema - it isnt bad enough for him to scratch as much as he does, the doctors say its a sensory problem. He gets jittery and stressed then he scratches and shakes quite violently when he does it.

As for the violence and anger! - I dont know what to do - doesnt matter what he is told and how many times he is told, he still does it: He bit another child two days ago and yesterday morning he kicked a child on the way to school, he punched his sister today and now that we are walking to school - as Sophie gets picked up by transport for Special Needs School - I thought it would help for him to take his scooter to maybe burn off the energy, but he just goes wild with it - I cant trust him he goes off and regardless to whether I can see him or not and I find myself running to catch him up and shouting at him all the time - at the same time as trying to keep Sammi (4) with me...Its a daily battle with him - he almost ran into the road three times this week and then when we crossed the section of the road where there were parked cars (some of those parents are so inconsiderate) - this mother! didnt look and almost reversed into him!!!!! and he wasnt the only one crossing at the time!

Its now getting to embarrassing stage when we walk to school - the other kids wind him up because they know he will scream or shreik or growl at them!
Aw marion (((Hugs))), sounds like you got your hands full!

Keep your chin up!

marie x
One of the issues with autism spectrum disorders that is often talked about but not so well recognised is the tendency towards hypersensitivity of touch - especially when overheated. Mike has it. When we discussed the issue with our GP he suggested Piriton, which actually does help to calm Mike down. It might be worth talking to your GP - what may be mild eczema to you or I could be incredibly painful to Rory. There may be other treatments to reduce the effect of itching that might reduce his sensitivity. For example, one version of E45 has something in it to reduce irritation. See what your GP says.

If the irritation can be calmed down, it may be easier to deal with his challenging behaviours as the irritation may be distracting or driving him.
Oh, how I sympathise - our big boy doesn't have the skin hypersensitivity you mention, but he is hypersensitive to all kinds of other things, resulting in totally unpredictable outbursts when he screams and yells, leaps around and throws things, including sizeable chunks of furniture (he's 13).

I know other parents who have children with severe eczema and swear by using organic cotton next the skin as much as possible, with very gentle cleansing products. Maybe that would help ?

I understand the wind-up effect too: I don't think it's ever been researched, but from what I've heard and experienced, many autistic children are prone to it. If the school is at all sensitive to your needs, it might be worth discussing this with them, as it is a form of bullying and should be dealt with. Perhaps they would allow Rory to arrive a little later, so that other children are already indoors ?

Best of luck - I do hope things improve, and quickly !