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I'm looking after my mum and dad and want to give them as much independence as possible in their own home. Can anyone help me or give advice where I can buy aids to living equipment?
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Try www.equipmentdirect.org.uk - a free service providing information to improve independent living for older people and those with an impairment.

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Before spending your own money it might be worth getting an OT assessment of their needs, any equipment supplied is free and not means-tested plus OTs can ensure that the equipment is the most appropriate to meet their specific needs. In my experience NHS OTs are quicker to access and supply equipment more quickly than social services OTs where the waiting time for an assessment can be as much as 10 or 11 months. Their GP can refer them to an NHS OT.
Parsifal, this is yet another 'postcode lottery' - we recently had a SS OT appear within days after my calling, and the equipment just days after that. This will obviously vary with the type of equipment as well as local SS policy, of course.
I definitely think we'll have to move, several phone calls to SS and, in desperation, a call to the local councillor with portfolio for SS just to get an existing, rusting, shower board replaced, didn't even need an assessment Image . Admittedly it was a while back but rumour has it that things haven't improved, the local NHS service is faster, well it's hard to be slower Image Image .