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anyone got any ideas about finance? - Carers UK Forum

anyone got any ideas about finance?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
My son has been in receipt of Independent Living Fund for four years now.Today, when it was assessed, we have been told that instead of the £4 he presently pays for his support, he will have to pay £21 a week, which he certainly cannot afford to pay.

I have to phone the Social Worker tomorrow to say yes or no. Does anyone know what the Government say the amount of money is, that a disabled person needs to live on?

If he loses this, he will lose the horse care that he has been doing through the local college, one day a week, and which he loves. We will all be devastated, and there is just no way we can get by with any less;we can't afford to take a cut in our income support, to supplement his needs.

The Government will not be happy until we are all reduced to beggars. I feel almost there now.

Thank you for any advice. Image
If you get time have a look at this site,I find it really good.Its not another forum so dont worry but once registered you can ask any questions relating to ILF and DP's etc.

http://www.ncil.org.uk/ Home page

http://forum.ncil.org.uk/bb/policy.asp register to ask a question

NCILs primary aim is to promote independent living. This means disabled people having control and choice over our own lives. To do this we give support and information around Direct payments and Individual Budgets
Thank you Rosemary. I haven't slept, through worrying about this, and trying to calculate if we could cut down somewhere else, to enable our son to carry on with his horsecare. Image
I will look at these sites now.
The government's Fairer Charging Guidance and other related documents are here, it may be different in Wales:

http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/AdvanceSearchRe ... r+Charging

Your LA's website should have information on how they apply the guidance, it not I would ring and ask for a copy of their policy document, if that fails use the Freedom of Information Act.

Also Care and Health Law may provide some answers, including the latest care law]http://www.careandhealthlaw.com/Public/ ... ntentID=16[/url]

I hope that this helps,

As far as I am aware the Government just has an amount that everybody needs to liveon there is not a set amount for how much a disabled person needs to live on. Have you tried for DLA? Take Care Alison Image
My thats a bit of an increase to say the least, is your son in recipt of all benefits. Supposed to be independant living, but in the next breath taking it away financially ~sod them Image , can you appeal. DONT let your son give up his dream. Take care and hope you get things sorted.
Thank you all for your advice and support.

My son's old Social Worker has spoken to me today, and is going to try to help me figure a way round this. We have to find enough allowable expenses during his week, to cancel out the care component of his DLA, as that is where they will take the money from.

It is so silly, as he only has 15 hours a week overall for his ILF support, and would have to pay the same contribution whether he had 5 hours, or 50, of this support.

If he is not able to access this, he can get direct payments instead of the day centre, so he can use those for support. It just means he will have put up with our company at home for four days a week, rather than the two at present, as the money will only allow him three days support.At least,though he should still be able to acces horse care. He has been riding a horse since he was 8,and he is completely independent of everyone, when he is on horseback. Image
We have just had a meeting with my son's ILF worker, and Social Worker. Still don't know what finance we can access, but my son is his own best advocate, and when I produced one of his certificates,and a photo of him on horseback, he showed all his knowledge, and the lady from ILF said she would try every which way to get this support for him, as she could see how much it has benefitted him, and how good his skills and interests are.

I have been using the internet for advice too,so was able to stand my ground a little more.

Thank you all for your support. Image