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Any thoughts would be welcome... - Carers UK Forum

Any thoughts would be welcome...

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Does anyone know of a safe and effective means of 'freshening' a room which is the bedsit (with commode) of an 87 year old lady (and I mean that) who lives with us, happens to be my Ma and who has, among other things, Parkinson's, angina, IBS, had many TIAs, uses 3 different types of inhalers due to whatever emphysema is now called, and has no sense of smell?
I am v-e-r-y wary of introducing any spray/atomiser or whatever because of her condition(s) but some mornings things are a bit much when I open her door!
A small thing, I know, compared to stuff some of you guys are dealing with, and it's more for me than her, but any thoughts would be welcome.
(And yes, I do open windows as often as possible.)
Thanks for reading.
Hi Lesley.

Because of your mum's breathing difficulties, any atomiser/spray, etc., could be a problem for her. Suggest you get some advice from your GP or your mum's lung specialist as there may be a safer type of "freshener". Personally I'd look at the gel types as they are not airborne sprays which can get into the lungs (like my son's underarm deodorant), but I'd be happier if you checked it with someone who knows!
I find that lighting a candle in my mother-in-laws room helps with the smell sometimes. Not sure why really, I think it might burn the smell away.
For a great way to freshen an atmosphere, try these, I know estate agents use them before showing prospective buyers around a property. A pot of freshly made coffee (not the instant stuff), or get a baking tray etc and pour about 1/8th full of vanilla essence, and put in oven on lowest setting, fills house with amazing smell. Hope these help Image
I use perfumed oils that you can buy quite cheaply. Sprinkle a bit of oil 6-7 drops on a damp
cloth and put the cloth on a radiator, it perfumes the air as it dries.
Or you can put the oil in a spray bottle diluted with water and spray it in on the carpet.
Elizabethan Rose , Lavander and Bergamot are all nice, not to flowery or over powering
they are all ok individually or a bit of each Image
What brilliant ideas.
Thank you, guys.
Common sense, if I'd thought about it - but I don't have time!
Will try them all - but not simultaneously.
Greatly appreciated.
I use lavender drawer freshener gel, available in packs of ten in our local 99pence store. Just 1"x2" in a plastic container they last for ages on a windowsill. Dad has had them in his new house since 5th November and hasn`t noticed yet! Everyone remarks how fresh the place smells and he doesn`t even know they are there!
Ive got a 'Bionaire', wouldnt be without it.
It is an air purifyer and worth its cost.