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another question....this time about a bath lift! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

another question....this time about a bath lift!

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What a load of rubbish! You've been waiting over a month for someone to spend a few minutes with you to give a demonstration? Just not good enough. Can your Carer's Support worker or similar turn on the screws a bit and get the OT to come out?
They can't install it without someone available to make sure you can use it safely because of health and safety, not yours, but in case you sue them!
What a load of ____!!! My step dad went out and bought one of these for my mum when the 2 "Bath seats" provided by SS for mum became too much for her to use. In theory and based on what they have told you, not only should she not have it but she shouldn't use it because no one has been trained to use it properly???

I think the PC brigade have had too much spare time on their hands again Image
When Mum had hers the guy who delivered it made sure it was placed properly in the bath and showed us how to use it - he was also the one who arranged for it to be changed to a slightly smaller one that fitted into Mum's bath better AND came back every year to service it Image

I can't remember the name of the company but and once we'd been referred by the OT's they were extrememly helpful and even offered various pieces of equipment we might find useful that the OT's hadn't suggested. We only ever had one problem (when the battery ceased to hold the charge) and instead of just changing over the battery unit they delivered a whole new chair Image
Update on the bath lift!

At long last, OT and bath lift company rep came out on Weds evening to demonstrate and make sure my mum was safe using the electric bath chair. All went well but I was amazed at how my mum quickly sat in position and swung her legs high in the air over the bath and so were the OTs. Yet she shuffles and groans at just walking usually. Makes me wonder Image then she told them she baths herself all the time without one which is a downright lie as I have been bathing her for 6 months now, I was truly baffled, upset and bewildered! And surprised they didn't cancel the install. When I questioned her after they had left as to why she said that, she said oh it was just a little fib. I think she craves positive attention from others, I am at a loss.
At least you've got the lift. Enjoy!
Image yay! Getting her to use it is the next challenge Image