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another question....this time about a bath lift! - Carers UK Forum

another question....this time about a bath lift!

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Me again Image

Your advice again please..

Since my mums partial hip replacement last year after a bad fall, she has really struggled getting in and out of the bath. I bought her an aluminium stool with a handle for stability and also has bars fitted on 3 walls round the bath. She has a good non slip bath mat too.
She struggles because she has no body strength, her muscles are fairly wasted and she is an absolute nightmare to try to get to do her exercises. She had physio a few weeks after her operation but just hasn't kept up the exercises despite me nagging Image she has got 'stuck' in the bath because she couldn't pull herself up and refuses to use the bath chair I bought her as it doesn't sit inside the water.

I asked the council for a walk in shower for her and an OT came twice to visit and said she didn't fit the criteria for a shower but did for a bath lift. This was 3 months ago and we are still waiting (another thing waiting for me to chase up). She has fallen getting out of the bath too. I was so concerned about her lack of strength in her legs that I asked her to be referred to a fall clinic to be assessed for the nordic walking and other strengthening exercises. Unfortunately, the man from the clinic came to see my mother when I wasn't there and put her through some basic moves and my mother proudly told me later that he said she was 'a very strong woman' so didn't qualify for the clinic Image she didn't get his name, number or anything, just yet another exercise sheet (also he could have been anyone that she let in, I was not happy that he came unannounced). So I just don't know wether she is as weak as she makes out to me or if she was being superwoman for the day!!

What are your thoughts and experiences with how long the waiting list is for a bath lift? and anyone know any organisations where my mum could go weekly to exercise in a group? she is 83 BTW.

and anyone know any organisations where my mum could go weekly to exercise in a group? she is 83 BTW.

have you checked if theres a swimming club for the disabled in your area?
these clubs do catter for all sorts of disabilities and are done in a group, most of them use the local public swimming pool to run their club and are quite cheap to attend.
my partner has MS and she attends one just to help her muscles staying fit, 10 minutes in a swimming pool is better that 1h in the gym, plus you get all that added fun of in water games that can be played that help you exercise without you even noticing it.

just an idea but hope this helps somehow....
Thanks for that suggestion, I hadn't even thought of that! I will check it out in her local area Image
Most Local Authorities also have social clubs for the elderly that run 'chair' based exercise groups. The exercises are gentle and run by properly qualified instructors. The aim is to improve flexibility and co-ordination.

It took our local OT's only a couple of weeks to deliver a bath chair lift for Mum - but then we did go to their offices for the assessment as there was a lengthy waiting list for home assessment visits !
My mum has had a bath lift for years, supplied by the LA. Last time it went wrong they said it was cheaper to buy a new one than fix the old one, I think it's called something like Archimedes - she doesn't live with me so I can't check just now. Mum is quite a tall woman with very little mobility, but it's so easy to use that the carer gives her a bath every day, which mum has always done. Hope that helps.
Susieq: there used to be a class run just up the road from my mum in a church hall but a lack of funds forced it to cease unfortunately.

Bowlingbun: the assessment was really quick, within a week of my contacting them and there were 2 visits to assess her needs; the last must be about 3 months ago so I had best chase things up as at the moment I have to physically bath her and it is not doing my back much good Image
Fiona, make sure that your bad back and need for the bath lift is in your Carer's Assessment. I don't know the formal words, but the LA should make sure you have the right equipment for your caring role.
I got my mum an inflatable seat for the bath. Bit on the dear side but you might be able to hire or get one from somewhere cheaper. You inflate it, sit on it and it deflates you into the bath but it won't lower you unless it has enough power to inflate to the full height.
Check your options out on you tube to see if they are suitable. That's what I try to do.
Mum's bath seat is a "Mangar Archimedes bath lift" , just type that into Google and you should find it easily. She's really delighted with it, feels so safe in it that she has a bath every morning.
Well we are still waiting for the bath lift. I contacted the OT dept who confirmed mum is on the waiting list and I explained that my back is becoming strained so she promised to try to speed things up. The problem she said was, not that there wasn't a bath lift available, but the staff time to visit and make sure mum and I knew how to use it safely once it was installed Image