Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Last year when my father died feb, my mother (who i also cared for) and myself had a bit of trouble with our council tax / housing benefit.
it was sorted out in dec 10 months later and i was still not happy with them however this year at last its sorted, my mother gets disabled council tax relief £150-00 she also gets full council tax benefit but they always asked me to pay my half as i have a private pension i cant get any benefits at all but for years i have asked them for the carers discount i was even told no such discount was available.
Well now the good news ive been awarded the discount and it has been back dated so this years tax is only £118-00 have not had it in writing yet but they did call me with the news.

From what i understand the discount is awarded to a carer even if you dont get the carers allowance and your income is not taken into account but you cant be the spouse and must live at same address and care for the 35 hours per week

Glad you got sorted out with the Council. Had similar trouble here some years ago and I kept nagging. In the end they owed us so much it would have paid the council tax bill for two years! The council policy then was to apply it as credit, which would have taken over four years to repay so I kept nagging again and eventually my dad got a refund direct to the bank. Sometimes it pays to keep nagging.
Well done George, I'm glad you got it sorted out Image