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My Mum is starting to get Speech Therapy at her Daycare Centre on a Monday which is great and they have suggested trying her with a amplifier as her voice is more like a whisper and are going to try and find out why she becomes a "selected mute" (Not really keen on this phrase) I rather say having her "quite time". Anyway, its all good Image , means that she is getting physio Friday and Speech Monday even if it has taken along time to happen, plus the fact that they are all so attentive with Mum and most importantly she loves it! Image

Just wondered does anyone else have experience with amplifiers?

Take care
M x
That's a great idea Maryann, I'm sure it will help your Mum - fortunately talking is the one thing Mum can still do, her memory's going now but she can still communicate well, usually in the middle of the night Image

Good luck with the speech therapy.
We got the amplifier for Mum yesturday. Mum wasn't too keen on trying it at Daycentre so we had a go when we got home, I think she will have to build confidence with it in order to use it in public. At the moment she keeps pulling the mic of and is not grasping what it is for, hopefully in time she'll remember what its for and how useful it would be for her communication. It took quite a while for her to stop pulling her peg tube out, nearly 2 years Image If all fails I could always practice my singing Image
Lisa had something like that for her voice when she was younger maryann as she had no speech and when she did speak she was like a robot but it was no good for as she had major sensory problems so it seem very loud for her her speech is still bad but those who know her can understand in fact she never shuts up now she is getting some kind of plaster thing to go behind her ear to stop her dribbling as she still chokes on her saliva and dribbles when she speaks (l keep saying she gives me a bath when she talks wouldnt tell her that) she could talk for Scotland but she just repeats what everyone else says her problem is she cant get her mouth to do what she wants so her words ome out all different but she gets there hope your mum can get the hang of her amplifier as anything is worth a try
take care