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Advise on Caring for someone with Vascular Dementia - Carers UK Forum

Advise on Caring for someone with Vascular Dementia

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi, I hope that you can advise me, I'm new to the forum, I've been a carer for the last 3 years and I've just set up myself as a Sole Trader working as a Carer.
I've been advertising and someone has contacted me about caring for her Father, I've met the lady and had a nice chat, her Dad lives on his own and has some carers but she is doing a lot of the work and would like to employ someone, her Dad has Vascular Dementia and does forget things, I haven't met the Dad yet, that was the next step BUT a few things have gone missing, in a way I sigh relief that I hadn't started working for them as I would be the obvious person to blame, I've got a Police PNC check and a Basic DBS, I have got an Enhanced DBS from when I worked as a Carer a few years ago for a company, I only worked for them for a short time as they sent me all over the place. So the Dad is saying that he doesn't want or need a Carer and I'm thinking do I want to work for someone and possibly be blamed for items going missing? I've got no interest in steeling but the work that they want done sounds quite good, I have insurance but I really don't want to be blamed for things going missing. Any advise please.


Hello Steve
This is a forum for unpaid family and friend carers so we are not the right people to answer you
I don't know of a forum for paid Care Workers. Maybe one need to be set up, but I don't know by who.

Hmm, re the missing things - either 'someone else' has taken them (cleaners, tradesmen?), or the family has removed them from the Dad's house (possibly for safekeeping) or the Dad is simply confused and forgetful and says things have gone that in fact have not been there for twenty years!( Dementia can do that to the brain alas).

However, as Mrs A says, unfortunately for you this is a forum only for non-professional (ie, family member) carers. There certainly should be a forum set up for professional carers, but as Mrs A says, this may not exist alas.

Re the issue of working for someone and then being accused of stealing, it might be worth contacting a union like Unison to ask what you can do to protect yourself that you have not already done. Also, if you have worked for a Care Agency, the same problem could arise, so what do they do, I wonder?
Hi Stephen
I would also recommend tha tyou pay the extra and update your enhanced disclosure, quirte important if you are intending to work with vulnerable people.

Many thanks for everyones replies, sorry I didn't realize that this forum was for unpaid workers.
Unfortunately an individual can only get the Basic DBS, I did try many ways to get an Enhanced but unless I worked for someone and left once I got it I couldn't get one and I didn't think it was fair to do that.

I'll see if I can find a forum for paid Carers, I'm sure other Carers have questions.

Many Thanks

Stephen, no problems! The problem is that we (as in, the public, the media etc) use the term 'carer' to mean professional 'care-worker' and 'family member carer' interchangeably, which doesn't help!

One thing that we, as family carers can do, however, is explain what the caring view looks like from inside the family - and never forget that many of us (definitely me!) are INCREDIBLY appreciative of all that professional care-workers like yourselves do. Without you my life would be 'over' ....my 94 MIL has deep dementia, and is a care home under 24x7 care. I'd be insane by now if I'd had to look after her myself (well, it would be impossible now anyway....)

I definitely agree that a forum specifically for professional care-workers would be very useful to all of you!

All the best with your endeavours, and I hope they can be resolved somehow.
Thanks Jenny, Thats most kind :D

You're welcome.

In practical terms, if you wanted to take the position you mentioned at the start of your posts, could you not get your employers to make a clear inventory of everything in the house, asking them to remove ANYTHIGN valuable (eg, photos in silver frames or whatever), before you take up the position. If you are upfront from the off that you are very concerned about any potential for false accusations, they may well do this. After all, if your client then says someone has 'taken the potato peeler' (or whatever - ie something of no financial value), it wil lbe clear that no one has actually stolen it - no theif would take anything non-valuable.