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Advice on PAs - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Advice on PAs

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi - well thank you so much for the "PA Pool" advice. I've just registered with them there are several rates you can pay, starting at £5 per week I went for the £20 for the month I'm hopeful this will be enough time, but it goes right up to 12 months, which you pay via PayPal.
I've left an advert on the website so we will see how it goes...fingers crossed. ;)
Hi Lesley,
Did you have any luck with PA Pool or elsewhere? I'm in the West Midlands and also looking at possibility of PA or similar for my mother just for night sitting from about 10.00pm till 0700 am. Agencies seem to charge about £15-£20 per hour which I think is going to be too much. Can anyone give me the going rate for a PA or night sitter? I understand that I would be an employer and all the duties/forms etc.

Also The Rowan Organisation helped me find a care worker for my mother.
Although Mum was self funding, Denbighshire county council paid the fees for advertising for a PA through the Rowan org andfirst year of insurance.
I had my own manager from the organisation come out to discuss my needs for a care worker for mum and then she drew up a sample advert. Then about 3 weeks later, She sent me 3 applicants details. I chose one possibility and the lady from The Rowan came with me to interview her.
The applicant I employed was brilliant and only left a year later as she and her husband were moving back to South America.
You can google the Rowan organisation and look at their website and see vacancies for PA's advertised. Also a great deal of other information related.

Good luck.