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Advice on PAs

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Hi this is my first post, I've been looking around and can't find any posts relating to employing a PA..My 43 year old daughter with LD has a care package which I run on her behalf. I'm finding it hard to find the right PA for her. Can anyone give any advice on where to start looking, I don't want agency though my daughter needs the same continuous care, she doesn't like change. We live in the West Midlands area.
Thank you.
Hi Lesley
Don't know where to look but do bear in mind that PAs also need holidays, sick pay/leave, Bank Holidays, maternity leave, time off for dental/hospital appointments and suffer car breakdowns, home plumbing disasters and all the rest of the disasters which we all get. I'm saying that because if you did go to an agency who would provide one main person, they would also provide cover. A second person, whom your daughter knows a bit, although not as much as the main carer, may be essential. Plus an agency takes care of all the legal red tape which goes with employing someone.
just a thought.
Thank you for that, but I've been down this route and didn't like it. I understand that I'd be an employer and I'm willing to do all that comes along with that roll.
Hi Lesley,
Penderels trust do payroll services for those with direct payments (as do other similiar organisations.) They used to help with recruiting PAs too. In the past a member on here used PA pool for recruiting PAs for husband, with mixed results (they had live in PAs and some were more considerate to have living in their home than others.)

Hi I would be using Penderels Trust to do the payroll, l did ask Penderels if they could help with the employment of a PA, they put my advert on the website, I received one CV, which was not checked out be Penderels- they said that was up to me, so I checked out the lady, who on paper look OK, but I found her on the police website, she was a struck off nurse she had falsified a patient records, and reading her CV which was obvious full of lies around the period she struck off, I could not risk employing her and Penderels didn't help me.
What is PA pool I've not heard of this are they around the Birmingham area.
I've tried advertising on job centre website, it was a total disaster, I put must be female because of intimate care that needed, the majority where young males mostly from jobs at McDonald's or JD sport. I just gave up, I am lost as to where to start looking.
In another topic (I think in the Dementia section as a member was looking for a companion for their elderly Mother) someone suggested advertising in "The Lady" magazine. It always used to be popular for advertising for Nannies and Companions and they also now have a section for Carers/PA's.
Hi I've had a quick look at the 'lady' website most jobs are too far away and I've not seen the Lady magazine locally. Has anyone else see this mag local to Birmingham area. I think I'll contact the online lady to ask the question about advertising for a PA.
Sorry to be so negative but I've been trying for sometime and I think I've exhausted all avenues, I just don't no where else to look.
Morning Lesley
I've just googled Lady Magazine and you can have a trial offer £5 for 5
No commitment to stay. I believe it's an expensive Magazine generally so may be worth a go?
Good Luck
Lesley, I have no experience. Just googling I found papool.co.uk - also on facebook apparently. That seems to be a company name - must be what Melly was referring to - she said she had mixed results though:

'PA Pool provides members with a browsable database of PAs (also known as Personal Assistants or Carers) and PA Users (also known as Personal Assistant Employers or PAE), where information about each person, plus who or what they are looking for, can be accessed at the click of a button. Unlike conventional advertising, you can register and search the database whether you are recruiting or looking for work and then contact available people instantly.'

Another internet possibility is Mumsnet. I am not a mum nor a member, but I have found their forum discussions useful and it's a huge network. They also have a jobs section. Maybe someone there can advise or help.
Hi Thank you, I'm going to check that out now.