advice needed regarding inclusion of travel in care package

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Hi All

Im new here so not sure what if this is the right place to ask but here goes. :)

I have a learning disabled, severely autistic non verbal 18 year old son he needs constant supervision as he has little sense of danger or what is appropriate socially and has only limited non verbal communication. At the moment he attends a specialist autism needs college but is due to finish there in July.

My problem is this the most suitable place we have found for day care is about an hour away by car and even the less suitable places are 30 to 40 mins away in Lincoln. We would like him to have 5 days a week in a day centre type facility where he can carry on learning social and life skills . The problem is to access these services he is going to need transport there and back with a driver and most likely an escort, as we have now with his educational package but social / adult services are already making noises that they dont pay for transport without transport because of where we live it would be impossible to access suitable care .

My question after all that is - do we have any right to expect transport to be included in a care package has anyone any experience of this ?
Ring the Carers UK helpline. Travel is included in my son's package to get to a training centre.